•• Hyorin ••

I hope he realized that I could see him... It had scared me slightly when I saw all of Block B parading around on top of the building across from my store, their huge white wings stretching out behind them. I had almost called the police, but I had refrained for the fear that I would be dubbed insane.

Imagine that... "Hello, police?"

"Yes Ma'am. Please tell us what the problem is."

"There are pop stars traipsing around with angel wings on top of the building across from me!"

"Yes Ma'am, I hear you loud and clear. Now if you could please tell us your location, I would be glad to send a mental facility van over to you as soon as possible!"

No thank you. I was perfectly fine with being insane within my own mind. There was no need to get the police involved. If only there was a way to call him like he had called me to Tapgol Park.

"Come to me sesame!" I chanted, holding my hands up in front of me and staring at him through the window. Nothing happened. "Please... Sesame...?" U-Kwon stared at me, looking at me like I was crazy.

Obviously he didn't understand that I could see him. I waved him over urgently and he shook his head. I waved him over again with a desperate look and he shook his head and rubbed his stomach. So, he was hungry. I held up a finger to tell him to wait and then changed the clock hands on the 'Will be back at...' sign.

He cocked his head to one side as I locked the doors of the store and gestured for him to come over with a tilt of my head. He groaned, I saw him physically groan, before nodding and disappearing in the blink of an eye. He reappeared at the base of the building and walked casually out of the alley. As he crossed the street, I began walking down the sidewalk.

He caught up and casually strolled beside me before inquiring, "What's up?"

"What's up?" I burst out in outrage. "You've been staring at me for like thirty minutes with your freaky Angel friends and all you can say is, 'What's up?' Don't you have any sense. This is classified as stalking. Stalking is a criminal offense in case you weren't aware!"

He shrugged nonchalantly and I threw my arms up in frustration. "I don't care if it's classified as stalking. It's not like they can throw me in prison! I'm an Angel, remember? You can't capture an Angel."

"But you sure as heck can kill them!" I threatened. He shook his head and I raised an eyebrow.

"You can't kill me. I can only die if I spend too much time away from you. Also, if I did die, U-Kwon would either fall into a deep depression, start committing crimes because Angels are the consciences of humans, or he would die." My eyes widened and he nodded with a slightly evil smirk. "You wouldn't want poor U-Kwon to die, now would you?"

"You know," I began slowly. He nodded for me to continue, the innocence had returned to his face. "For an Angel, you're pretty evil."

He nodded and then explained, "I get it from U-Kwon." I laughed as we walked down the sidewalk and he smiled his brilliant white smile.

"You're not that bad. So, you're really an Angel?" He nodded in answer to my question and I bit my lower lip. "Let's eat something. You can explain over some lunch. How about that?"

"Yes please! I'm starving~!" he whined, gripping his stomach with a pout. "Can we have Ddokbogi and Gabli and Jajamyeong and Kimchi and Kimbap and Bibimbap and Rice and soup and-"

"Woah there!" I exclaimed, cutting him off. "As much as I know you're hungry, could we maybe eat within my budget?" I asked, whimpering slightly to make him laugh.

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