•• Hospital ••

The sweet-looking woman at the main desk looked up at me curiously as I walked over to her. “Can I help you?” she asked me in a soft voice, glancing at the towering cucumber standing beside me. No, Kyung wasn’t dressed as a cucumber, he just had a long face.

“I’m looking for my friend who was just admitted recently for a respiratory problem,” I told her with a small smile. “His name is Park Kwang Su.” She nodded slowly and then searched in her computer for Kwangsu. Kyung patted my shoulder comfortingly and I nodded slowly with a worried expression.

“Ah, Park Kwang Su,” the woman said with a smile, turning to face me. “He was dispatched from the ER and he’s in recovery room 3-43A.” I nodded my thanks and dashed off to the elevator, my body tense. Kwangsu hadn’t had an attack in years- years­. This was too sudden, and I knew that the attacks could have him out for hours. Kyung pressed the button for the third floor and I sighed tensely.

“Calm down, Hyorin,” he sighed, placing his hands on my shoulders and staring at my face. “He’s fine, okay?” I nodded unconvincingly and he rolled his eyes, lightly holding the sides of my face. “He’s fine, Hyorin. Calm down or it’ll stress him out.” I nodded once, still not convincing him. “Deep breaths, come on,” Kyung chuckled lightly, taking unrealistically huge breaths and causing me to laugh. He smiled softly and then ruffled my hair. “There’s that smile.”

My cheeks burned and I leaned forward and hugged him tightly. “Kyung-ah,” I mumbled into his shoulder, “I really missed you.”

He was quiet and then wrapped his arms around me with a sigh. “I missed you too, Hyorin-ah.” The elevator doors slid open and Kyung kept his arm wrapped defensively over my shoulder as I walked around looking for room 43A. The door to the room was open and I immediately burst in finding a half-asleep Kwangsu watching a rerun of Vampire Prosecutor on the Television. He stared at me curiously, as if he couldn’t remember who I was.

“Do they have you so drugged up, you can’t even say hello to your best friend?” I teased, seating myself beside him. He rolled his eyes and I chuckled lightly, knowing that he couldn’t speak because of the attack he’d had. Kwangsu’s attacks often kept him from talking for some time while his system recovered, so I wasn’t concerned about it. He pointed at me weakly, obviously curious about why I was at the hospital. I placed my hand over his with a small smile. “You really think I wouldn’t have come to see you? Daejung told me.”

He glared daggers at the wall, probably thinking something along the lines of ‘Stupid Daejung. Why did he have to go and worry Hyorin?’ I ran a hand through his slightly grown out hair with a soft smile. “Are you doing a little better, Kwangsu-ah?” He nodded once, obviously fighting the drugs in his system so that he could stay awake to see me. “Don’t force yourself to stay awake, silly. It’s better for you to sleep and get some rest,” I told him quietly, leaning forward and gently kissing his forehead. He rolled his eyes again and I chuckled lightly. “You know I just have to act like a mom when any of you are ill.”

Kyung gently tapped my shoulder and I looked up at him as he gestured at the door. A nurse was smiling at me, holding a clipboard. “I’ll need you to leave for now,” she said softly. “He needs to rest so he can recover quickly.” I nodded in agreement, giving Kwangsu’s hand a comforting squeeze. His eyes twinkled in protest as I stood and walked out of the room with Kyung. He joined me in the waiting room on the floor and then stood immediately.

“I think I’ll go get something for us to eat. Is there something you want, Hyorin?” he asked softly, placing a hand on my head with a smile.

“I’ll just have a sandwich, thank you,” I told him wearily with a small smile. He gave me a nod before walking out of the waiting room. There was a draft of air and I shivered before shutting my eyes, realizing how tired I actually was. There was a small chuckle from beside me and I gasped in horror before staring at U-Kwon. “Will there ever be a time where you don’t decide to scare the living daylights out of me?”

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