Darkness. That was all I saw as the man's arms grabbed me while I walked away from the safety of my friends.

Drunk laughter. That was all I heard as he began to strip away my innocence, all the while, paying no mind to my screams.

Liquor. That was all I smelled while he had me shoved up against the hard brick wall of the alley.

Whiskey. That was what I tasted as he began roughly pressing his lips against mine while I weakly attempted to kick him away, trying desperately to save myself.

Fear. That was the only feeling I had while he forced himself upon me, while I feebly tried to get away, while I lost my innocence.

Suddenly, I felt nothing. The weight was gone. He had left me in a pool of my own blood. He had left me to die. I was alone. I was cold. I would not survive with my brain as muddled as it was currently.


My body was limp. I couldn't move. Strong arms slowly helped me to my feet. I felt the gentle arms dressing me quickly as I leaned against the bricks.

"Are you okay?" the voice asked gently. I was about to reply when I blacked out. I wasn't sure why I blacked out. I just knew that I had.

•• A Time Before ••

"Hey-o~~ Jinyong~" I greeted, bopping my friend on the head playfully as I ran up behind him.

"Rin~~ How many times have I told you to call me Jin?" he grumbled, rubbing his head.

I laughed as we walked down the sidewalk together. Wow, being 20 felt fantastic! I was a pretty lucky 20 year-old too. I had three best friends. Jinyong, Kwangsu, and Daejung. All three of them were my seniors by a mere few months. With them, I had opened a small clothing store which had gained popularity with many entertainment companies.

Now, we had expanded and had three separate locations throughout Seoul. The four of us hadn't been friends for long. We had only met in the first year of high school. "Jinyong, when are we buying our apartment? We can't keep mooching off of Daejung's sister..." I mumbled as we walked into the Gangnam location of our store 'Paesyeon Chingu' and flipped the sign on the door to open.

"I've been working on it Hyorin," Jinyong muttered tensely. I put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey," I whispered with a soft smile. "It's okay. I know that we're going through a hard time right now, but we need to become independent. As much as I love them, living with Kwangsu and Daejung in Daejung's sister's apartment isn't exactly the best way for us to get there..." He nodded as he sat down in front of the computer and began checking inventory. "Take your time. I can wait."

Jinyong turned around in his spinning chair and placed his hands on my waist. "Are you sure?" I nodded sincerely and he sighed with relief. "Alright, I'll set about us moving out. I promise that we'll have our own place by the end of this month." He winked with a wide smile and held a piece of paper up with a playfully smile.

I stared at him with an uncertain feeling before taking the paper from him. I quickly read, "Congratulations Mr. Nam Jin Yong on your purchase of a lovely new apartment-" I stopped as soon as the words left my mouth and looked at him with wide eyes.

"Surprise!" he cheered, holding his arms open. I squealed and hugged him tightly, burying my face in his sweater. "Come on Rin," he whispered in my ear. "Let's just close up and open a little later. I want us to move in today."

"Really? Today?" I asked him with shock. He nodded and I smiled and nodded in agreement before flipping the open sign back around and skipping outside excitedly. "Oh, I can't wait! Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I demanded.

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