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You are the one and only daughter of the Stark's and you are an Avenger because you have powers. You have Telekenisis & able to Teleport.

You're dating the God of Mischief. Yes you read it right, Loki Laufeyson. Prince of Asgard.

Today you're at the Starks Tower with the other Avengers. Drinking Beer, watching TV, Flirting around & more stuffs. Then you're just there, watching them from the kitchen.

"Starky." Bucky said. They're used to call you as Starky because of Steve. Because you called him as Capsicle.

"What's up?" You asked back.

"Nothing. Just drinking beer, anyways I wanna go out to buy pizza. Wanna come with me?" Bucky is your bestfriend for almost 7 years, and everyone knows that.

"Why don't you just do delivery? It's much easier you dork." You said as you took a bite on your cookie.

"What's a delivery?" Oh shoot. You forgot that Bucky doesn't know a lot of things right now. 'Fuck Hydra' you thought to yourself.

"Okay fine. Let's go. Wait wait wait. Why didn't you ask your crush? Hmm?" You teased him. He blushed!!!

(for the imagine : bucky has a crush on scarlett witch/wanda maximoff)

"Shurt up Starky. Come on, you're so slow." The the two of you left the Tower without even saying goodbye to everyone even to your boyfriend.

When you already got the pizza you both quickly went to the Tower. Everyone was happy because they can eat especially THOR.

"I thought you only love Poptarts Thor." You teased him.

"This thing is delicious. I wish there's something like this in Asgard, right brother?" He then looked at Loki. Loki just nodded but serious face. You got kinda scared because what if you made something that makes him mood off.

A few seconds later Loki went outside. When you noticed that you quickly went there to be with him and maybe to try on making his mood on.

"Hey baby, are you alright?" You asked. He didn't looked at you and that scares you. You went closer to him.

"Why didn't you tell me that you're going out to buy a pizza with Bucky?" He asked.

"W-what?... I'm sorry, I just thought that you wouldn't mind because I won't be gone for hours." You said.

"Next time, don't you ever ever forget to tell me where you're going. You might be in danger." He said, still not looking at you.

"Okay, I promise. So baby please, I haven't kisses you yet today. I miss your kiss baby." You said pouting. He couldn't help but smile. He leaned in and kissed you.

While kissing someone interrupted and that was Steve. Mr. Capsicle!!!

"Hey lovebirds. We're gonna play!!! Go inside now and don't worry Starky, I won't tell Tony what I saw." He said as he winked at you.

You two decided to get inside. You two saw them sitting in the floor in a circle way and there's a bottle in the middle. You laughed because you knew what's gonna happen.

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