loki laufeyson | we need you back 2

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Me and Jameson made it to the SHIELD. As we enter the door, a lot of people, agents rather was surprised as they saw me.

"They're so surprised because the Best Agent just arrived." Director Fury said.

"Correction. Is Back." Then we chuckles. We continued to walk and made it to the room. They didn't change anything, It's still my room.

"Y/N what is happening? Why are we in this weird room? And also, are we staying here?" Jameson asks. He sat down the bed and I faced him.

"Baby, I have something to do. Which is really serious. For a while, you need to stay here. The both of us needs to be here especially you because of your safety. Alright?"

"So you got promoted? So you're the owner of the Cookie Bakery now then?" I just laughed. Yes I was working in the Cookie Bakery.

"Yes, I got promoted. But I am not working in the Cookie Bakery now. I got promoted and now I have a better Job!"

"That means you can buy me Pizza then?" I just smiled. I don't know what to do if I lost you too, Jameson.

"No more questions. It's getting late. You need to sleep alright?" I kissed his forehead and he went to sleep.

I left the room and Director Fury talked to me while we're walking to the Lab.

"Are you ready to face her?" He asks.

"Yes." Then while walking someone is calling on my phone so I picked it up. It's Alley, the Owner of the CB.

"Where the hell are you?!" She shouted. I was looking down and pissed off.

"Alley, I already quit. Haven't you recieved the letter I've dropped there a while a go this morning?"

"No, And No! You need to work here!!!"

"I ALREADY QUI—" I was cut off because I bumped into a tall man. My phone was kind-of-broken because I dropped It as I bumped into this man.

"What the hell?! Can't you see? I was walking here!!!" I said as I pick up my phone. Goddamnit I'm so pissed off!!!

"Easy, you mortal." That Husky Voice. I've heard that before?

"Oh. Y/N you okay?" Fury asked. I just shook my head. I look at the tall man, he is with someone. He's also tall but Blonde.


"Thor. Loki. This is Y/N, better known as Agent A." Then their eyes widened.

"Oh so you're the Mortal who's connected to the other Mortal there on the Lab who's basically sick?" That ugly tall black hair said. I just rolled my eyes.

"Fury, can we just go please?" I said then Fury and I was about to walk but suddenly there was this noise. It's an Alarm, all read lights are everywhere.

"What's happening?" I asked.

"Patient 5 escaped. Patient 5 escaped." The female voice in the speakers said. I started to panic because Jameson is alone.

"What number is she?!" I asked Fury.

"SHE ESCAPED!" Then they started to move. I know where is she. I started to run to go to my room to find Jameson.

I saw her with Jameson. She's hugging him. No, I won't let her take Jameson from me.

"Get. Away. From. Him." I said. She looked at me then Jameson is crying.

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