tom hiddleston | break up prank

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MH's note : On this imagine, you're a Famous YouTuber.

"What is up everyone! Welcome Back to my YouTube Channel!!!

Today is gonna be one of the best day ever. My plan for today is pranking Tom. Oh geez [chuckles]

Tom is on his home right now, chilling with Sebastian & Evans. Well today I am at home as well and with Elizabeth Ugly Olsen [laughs]

I will text him and just tell him that I want to break up with him. Actually this is not a typical Break-Up Videos you're gonna see because I won't be using some lyrics.

So actually before I started this video I kind of advanced my prank. It's already 12 in the afternoon and I'm acting so cold to him. I also tweeted this.

@yourusername tweeted : The hardest thing I'll ever do is walk away still loving you.

And a lot of them replied and of course Tom messaged me and asking what is that tweet [laughs] Oh My God I'm so mean to him, I feel so bad!!!

Okay let's do this!!!"

Then Y/N took her phone and open Tom's Text Box. As she opened it, there's a lot of messages.

💬 I really don't know how to start this.

mon amour🍂
💬 Start what?
💬 Love why aren't you replying to me for hours? Is there something wrong

💬 Tom, you've been such a nice man to me. You never failed to make me happy everyday. But things changed, I feel like there's no time for the both of us. I don't feel love anymore.

"OH MY GOD I AM SUCH A GOOD ACTOR." Y/N shouted and chuckles.

mon amour🍂
💬 What?
💬 Y/N baby please don't
💬 What do you mean things changed? and that you don't feel love anymore?

💬 Tom I'm sorry. It's all on me.
💬 Tom, I'm breaking up with you. I really am sorry.

Seconds later she sent that, Tom called. Then she answered it and put it on speaker.

"Love no please. Tell me what's wrong? I'll help you to feel the love you want again. Just please don't leave me." Tom said.

"I Feel So Bad!!!" Y/N said mouthing.

"Tom, please let me go."

"Love no, never. If you love me you wouldn't leave me, ever. So baby please." Y/N feel so bad and hurt right now because she can hear Tom's feelings through his voice.

"I'm sorry Tom, really am." The she ended the call. Tom keeps on calling her but she ignored it.

"Oh my bloody hell, you guys!!! This is such a successful PRANK!!!" She shouted at the camera while laughing.

"You really are dead meat on Tom when he finds out." Elizabeth said between chuckles.

When she's about to tell him that it's a prank someone knocked on the door then she opened it and saw Tom.

"What are you doing here?" Y/N asks holding her laugh.

"Love, are you really breaking up with me?" Tom asks. You can clearly see through his eyes that he is really sad & hurt, poor Tom.

"Actually Tom... IT'S A PRANK!!!!" Y/N shouted and shows him the camera she's holding. Then Tom's face is confused and so he.

"So you're not breaking up with me?" He asks, still confused.

"Why would I?" Y/N said as Tom hug her and kiss her forehead.

"I really thought that you would leave me, I really don't know what to do without you baby." Then Elizabeth on the background says "Aww".

"So you guys saw what happened. We just pranked TOM HIDDLESTON!!!"

"Be ready on my revenge heheheheh." Tom said facing the camera.


"I literally cried earlier while I'm with Seb & Evans. You really got me there huh."

"That means you truly love me?" Then Tom cupped Y/N face and kiss her wonderful lips.

"Does that answers your question?"

"Ummm no." Then Tom hugs her.

"I really love you, always. Whenever I look at you I can see you, walking on the aisle." The Tom breaks the hug and started to kneel in a Proposal Way.

"What the hell?" Y/N said. She is really shocked.

"You almost ruined my proposal because of that prank. So here we go." Then he pull out a red box on his pocket and opened it.

"Will you be walking on the aisle soon just to tell the whole world that you are happy & thankful to be my wife?"

"I would love to." Then they kissed as Tom put the gorgeous ring on her.

"What the fuck just happened?!" Elizabeth shouted and they both laughed.

"When are you planning to propose to me???" Y/N asks.

"Actually today. I was about to take you out on a dinner later. That's what I'm with Seb & Evans earlier to make myself be ready & not nervous." Y/N smiles and they both kissed.

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