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This is the day. The final day. Loki turned himself into Jameson and here I am, nervous. We are now in the Los Real waiting for Alpha to appear.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked James— Loki rather. He looked up to me and smiled.

"I've never been ready, Lady Y/N." Then few minutes later there's a van who stopped in front of us. Probably them. The man with a Crazy Mask came out of the van and handed me the Pill.

"Please. Take Care of Jameson, don't hurt him." I said to the man with the mask. They left after Loki went inside the Van.

It's already 1am and Loki isn't here yet. I'm still awake and all of them are sleeping. Oh my Lord, what have I done?!

"Y/N what's wrong?" I gasped as I heard Tony on my door.

"Why are you awake?" I asked. He chuckles and shows his donut.

"I'm just hungry,  you know. How about you?" I sighs as I went outside and closed the door.

"I'm worried. Very worried."

"About?" Seriously? He isn't worrying about Loki? Well let's say he hates Loki but he's changed.

"Loki. He could've been killed by now!" I was confused because Tony is laughing, what the fuck?

"What's so Funny, Tony?" I asked annoyed.

"You like him, don't you?" I felt my face burn. Oh God, Am I blushing?!

"H-hell no. I would never like him." I said as I hid my face from him.

"You would never like him? Why not?"

"Nothing. I just can't, I promised myself to now have a crush this year. I just don't want distractions since I'm back to my work."

That's true. I really don't want distractions for now. Because starting from today, I will concentrate on my brother and to my work.

"The reason that Loki isn't here yet is because... He said he wanted to know the secret of Alpha. He did an investigation for sure." I just— I could't say anything except shouting.

"WHAT?!" I shouted.

"W-What do you mean?! That's dangerous!!!" I shouted again.

"Don't worry, I know Loki than you know him. Actually we all know Loki than he knows himself. We talked about it, he's safe no matter what. Fury did something and I don't know that. So if you'll excuse me, I need to go back to my wife, Goodnight and Sweet Loki Dreams!"

Tony said as he waves his hand in the air. Goodness, I'm gonna kill Tony tomorrow.

Oh my God. Why would he investigate inside Alpha without telling me?... Well actually, why would he tell me? I'm just a random girl.

I went inside my room. Jameson isn't here because he's in the Nursery Ward Room, actually he's alone there but the area is full of guards & nurses.

I sat down on my bed and face palmed. Ugh!

"Love?" Y/N gasped as she heard Loki's voice. She looked up and saw Loki, smiling. She quickly hugged Loki and that makes him surprised.

"Are you okay?" Y/N asks.

"Yes, are you?" Loki cupped Y/N face and looked deeply in each other's eyes.

"Yeah. Oh, actually sorry for hugging you, i shouldn't have done that" Then Y/N tried to remove Loki's hand but he refused.

"I like it. I like you hugging me." He smiled.

"I like you, ever since we met in the Woods back when you were a kid."  Y/N was shocked of what she heard. She remembers now, she remember where he heard Loki's voice.

"Oh my God. It's really you!"

"Yes dear, I am." Then they hugged again.

"My Opposite Day is finally over." Loki chuckles. Y/N pulled away from the hug and confused.

"What Opposite day?"

"The reason I keep on calling you an Ugly is because there's this challenge that Bucky and I are playing. He challenged me to say things that are in opposite. Like calling you ugly but in real life you're actually Gorgeous." How sweet isn't?

"I hate you." Y/N said with a straight face and that scares Loki.

"What do you mean? Well I'm sorry about that, Love."

"Since you're done on the Opposite Day. It's my turn, starting now. Loki, I hate you."  Then Loki smiled.

"I love you." And they kissed, passionately.

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