tom hiddleston | the fear

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You are alone in your room while Evans and RDJ are both in the living room watching something on your TV. You, Evans & RDJ are actually going out for today but sadly the weather didn't want you outside.

You and Tom are together for 6 years and these past few months the two of you aren't having any time for each other anymore. He has this Series coming soon so he's always out of the town, while you are so busy in the hospital. You always have an emergency surgeries.

You love him, so damn much. That's why when you're thinking of leaving him or wanting to have a space, you can't.

Now you're on your room, alone to change clothes. You put on some sweatpants & white shirt. You are about to leave the room until you felt your head dizzy and you couldn't breathe properly but for you it's just normal because you have been feeling this for months now.

*Zz, Zz* Your phone buzzes. You opened it and saw Tom's long message. Tom haven't been home or seeing your for 4 months now because he's out of town. You really miss him.

Y/N, I know I've been such a busy man these past few months and I'm sorry for that. All I wanna say is I really wanted a huge space, or better if we break up. It's just that, the busy schedules we both have. We couldn't do what we were doing before. We can't even make out or even eating outside. Y/N you know that, I know that you have been feeling the same thing too. I still love you and that won't change, ever. I'm so sorry, I'm setting you free. I'm setting the two of us free.

After reading. You couldn't just believe what you just read. You closed your phone and some tears fell down from your cheeks. You went outside the room to find the two men and cry, and when you saw them, they saw you but they gasped.

"Y/N? Wh-what happened?" Evans asked as he stood up. But you felt heat on your nose and you saw blood. Your nose is bleeding.

"Y/N?! Your nose is BLEEDING!!!" RDJ shouted and run towards you but before they reached you, you already fainted.

Evans and RDJ rushes to take you to the hospital. Now you're on the ER. Evans called Tom.

"TOM!!!! Y/N IS IN THE ER RIGHT NOW AND WE DON'T KNOW. I-UH SHE FAINTED WHILE HER NOSE IS BLEEDING AND I DON'T KNOW, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" Evans panicked. Tom rushes to the hospital, even though he's in a scene.

A few hours later, the doctor came out of the ER and talked to them.

"Ms. Y/S is okay... for now." The doctor looks down. The two are confused.

"Wh-what? For now?" RDJ asked.

"We did a lot of tests on her. And we found out that the veins on her heart are tangled. This kind of— actually we don't know either. So we need a heart transplant as soon as possible but the problem is finding a transplant isn't that easy especially on her. She has a very difficult kind of veins. We're still figuring out."

[AN : I just made this up😂 I really don't know if there's something like this]

Evans and RDJ are speechless. They didn't know what to say. They are scared, sad, mixed emotions.

"What will happen to her if she didn't have a transplant?" Tom asked out of nowhere.

"She... she might die sir." Tom then started to cry. Evans and RDJ hugged him.

"She's now in the room 767, see you soon sir. Um call us as soon as possible if something happened on her, it might be very bad." The doctor said. The three decided to go in her room.

They found her sleeping. Tom sat beside you, holding your hand, praying. It wasn't easy to see your loved ones suffering from something that's really dangerous.

"T-Tom?" You asks. He was surprised. He smiled and kissed your hand.

"Baby? Baby. I want you to fight." Tom said between tears. You started to cry also, you couldn't hold it.

"I-I thought you're breaking up with me?"

"No, never. I'm sorry for that message, I was such a fool to tell you that. I won't ever leave you, I promise that." You sighs and stared at him.

"T-Tom?... I, I need to give up." Tom was confused and scared. He looked at you and kissed your forehead.

"No? What?"

"I..I'm tired. I need to give up." You said between tears. Tom cried too. You really wanted to give up because you don't want to suffer anymore, besides we're all gonna go there, on that place.

"Listen to me. I don't want to suffer anymore, I'm tired. Now I wanted you to be happy, don't cry. I don't want seeing you crying. But always remember this, that I love you every single day. Even if I'm gone soon, always remember that I'm always on your side."

You smiled and stared at him again.

"I love you." You said and everything went black again. You hear Tom's voice echoing. Then there it all ends. You died beside him but still thankful because your number one fear didn't happen.

the fear of dying alone.

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