tom hiddleston | i won't ever forgive him, them 2

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It's been 1 year since you and Tom broke up. It was never been easy to you because you loved Tom so much and so Taylor. 3 months after you two broke up last year, there was this rumour that Taylor and Tom are dating and they call it #hiddleswift you were pissed off that's why you unfollowed E! because that's where the news came from.

Now it's your birthday, and you're celebrating without Tom after almost 5 years. At least now there's no a lot of pain, you are kind of okay.

"Y/N it's your birthday, why aren't you getting ready yet?" Elizabeth Olsen said. You are having this Birthday Party of yours in your Penthouse. You have your own Penthouse in New York and you decided to sell it but suddenly Tom cheated.

"Is everyone there?" You asked.

"Yes bitch!!! so come on put your clothes." Liz said and you stood up and fixed yourself. You wore a red fitted bodycon dress and your black heels.

You walked down the stairs and you saw a lot of your friends including the Marvel Family. They shouted a 'Happy Birthday' as they saw you. You smiled and you blew the candle on the Cake.

Then Robert Downey Jr. gave you the microphone to say something to all of these people around you. You smiled and took the microphone.

"Thank you for making this day so happy. Just enjoy and make yourself at home!" As you said that, RDJ took the microphone back and smirked at you. That smirk looks like he has a plan or something.

"Since it's Y/N's birthday. Y/N it's your day so will you please sit here and we will ask questions BUT there's a twist. If you want to answer the question you'll answer but if you don't want to answer you need to drink this so disgusting smoothie we made. Are you in?" Then you laughed as you heard what RDJ said. You smelled the Smoothie and it smells so bad!!!

You sat down in the chair and you took the microphone. The first one who ask was Chris Evans, your best friend.

"Y/N you know that we've been friends for years now. I just have one question for you. If you're going to pick your best-friend forever between Elizabeth and Hemsworth, who would you choose?" Then all of the people around you laugh. He knows that you couldn't pick so you can drink the smoothie.

"You prick. You know that I can't choose!!!" Then you drink a little of smoothie then it tastes so BAD!!! A few minutes later a lot of people asked you already and you definitely answered them all until there's someone who asked.

"Would you give me a second chance?" That voice. You know that voice, you never heard that voice for so long. You looked at him and he stares back at you. The people were quiet, and so the two of you.

"Would you give me a second chance? And let me explain?" He said again. You took the smoothie but you just stared at it. Then you decided to put it down and answer Tom.

"I'll let you explain. But I'll never give you a second chance." Then he smiled. The people around you shouted, cheering. They wanted the two of you to be back together that's why.

A few minutes later the game stopped and the people drinks. You and Tom are in the balcony, he's explaining.

"First of all, I wanted to say sorry. I'm sorry because I didn't call you or give an effort to say sorry to you last year. I'm so—" You cut him off.

"Why? Why you couldn't contact me? Is it because I blocked your number? Why? You couldn't just do an effort to go here and apologise?" He sighs.

"I was scared. I thought giving you some time will help you heal. I thought that when I'm far away from you, you'll be okay." He said.

"So tell me. What happened? Why did you cheat on me? Why did you two cheat on me?" You asked.

"That photo that you saw. That are on the internet & magazine all over the world wasn't real."

"So what? That two were just the clones? Hahahaha you're making me laugh, Hiddleston." You said as you look away from him. He sighs again.

"Love. I swear that wasn't real. It was an accident. Taylor contacted me and she told be about her new song coming that year. She told me that Calvin isn't available for the music video so she contacted me instead. That photo that was taken by some ugly creature was for the music video. We weren't should be kissing that day, it was an accident."

"An accident? Seriously? You kissed her or she kissed you and it was an accident?"

"The director said that we should kiss but we don't want to so they pushed me. Someone pushed me from behind to kiss her, I sweat it didn't last long."

"Then why didn't you tell me about the music video? Why didn't Taytay apologises?"

"I didn't tell you because the song was cancelled. I don't know why it cancelled, Tay didn't told me about it. And I told her that it's much better if we leave you alone for a while." You don't know what to say actually. You just stood there staring at him.

"It's good to know. Thank you." You said and as you walk away, he holds your hand causing you to stop from walking.

"Always remember, I love you and I'll do everything to make you mine again, Love." Tears fell down from his cheek and so are you. You walked away and you cried. Hemsworth saw you and comforted you.

Would you ever give him a chance again? Do you think that it's much better if you two are back together?

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