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Tom and I are somewhere in Paradise. It's such a wonderful place, It's like magic. Who would've thought that there will be a plave like this in the World?

"Love, What do you think of the place?" Tom asked as he hugged me from behind. I Really am thankful to have this man.

"I love it. So much." I responded and smiled. Tom broke the hug and went to the kitchen area. He made some coffee.

"We have been together for almost 7 years. Love, thank you for those amazing 7 years with you." He lean towards me and kissed my lips.

"Me too. After all the girls you dated, I never knew that you'll end up with me." I said and I chuckled. I kind of teased him about to those 'girls'.

"Hey, I just dated 2 women. You are the one who dated a lot of men!" He said and we laughed. Yes he's true, I dated 5 men before him.

"Okay fine, I dated a lot of men but look? The winner is right here, standing in front of me."

He smiled. He smiled more. I really don't know what to do when you're not with me anymore. I couldn't imagine my world without you.

"Okay let's play. Um like let's give each other's long messages since our anniversary is tomorrow. So I'll go first." He said and he sat right in front of me. He is kind of blocking the view but I think, he's the best view.

"Love, Y/N. I wanted to start by thanking you, I know you already know what you mean to me. I just wanted to thank you for being there always especially on my really bad day. I wanted to thank you for being the world to me, you just made my life more happier than ever. I hope this 7 years will end up in a Church someday. And I know when."

And he winks. Oh God this man. Okay It's my turn.

"Thomas William Hiddleston. How wonderful name, such an Angelic name for an Evil like you. [chuckles] Just kidding. Okay here.

My Life was miserable because of what happened to me in the past years, I really thought that, that day is the end of my life. I was depressed, sad, lonely and many not so happy emotions. My life was gray, and when you came? You made it into rainbow. Love, you just made my life more happier just like yours & made it into like an impossible thing. You changed me, I changed you and look at us now? 7 years and counting? [chuckles] But I just wanted to tell you that no matter what happen, I'll always be by your side even though you don't want me? I'll still be there because I promised to myself that you're the last man I'll love. That means, I'll always follow you, care for you and love you. So Thomas William Hiddleston, thank you for being my Man."

And I just felt something hot on my cheeks. Oh shit am I crying??? Oh God, why.

"Love, I love you so damn much." Tom is also teary, I smiled at him and we kissed. I just wanted to thank God for giving me such a gentleman and kind of perv sometimes. Thank you, God.

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