sebastian stan - jealousy

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this is so short & also it's just a seba imagine. also soon there will be more casts of MCU will be here but for now it's seba.

You are a Model and also a Surgeon Doctor. While dating the Hollywood Star, Sebastian Stan. Well the two of you aren't a thing YET on Social Media because you two were still keeping it as a secret.

You've been dating for 11 months now which is almost a year. A lot of rumours are going around the internet but you are just ignoring it.

You've been on the interviews with Ellen, James Corden and etc. they've been asking you if you are dating anyone or are u dating Sebastian Stan but you are always just laughing.

"Why are you on your phone all day huh?" Sebastian asks. You just chuckles and didn't reply. He is laying in the sofa with his head on your lap while you playing with his hair.

"No but seriously, you're like not talking to me this day. You're full attention is on your phone."

Then you put down your phone and kissed him.

"Shut up Stan." You said and kissed him again. Then you felt a buzz on your phone, someone was calling.

"Who is it?" Seb asked.

"Chace. Chace Crawford." Then you answered it. You two talked for a while, it was amazing talking to him of course. You and Chase were friends since 2013 and that's the reason why you and Sebastian know each other. It's because of him.

"Alright, I'll see u soon. Bye!!!" You said smiling. Sebastian is staring at you like a cat.

"What?" You asked annoyed.

"What do you mean what?"

"Why are you staring at me like that. You're looking way too weird to me." You said.

"You didn't talk to me for almost a day and when Chace called you're like a kid who's talking to her crush. How annoying." He said and looked away.

"You're jealous aren't you?" You teased him.

"No i'm not. I gotta go, I want to eat in Mcdonald's. Bye see u SOON!" He said as he stood up but you grabbed his hand.

"Baby nooooo. Stay here with me pleaaaase." You said with puppy eyes. He couldn't resist you so he sat next to you and kissed you again.

"My baby is too jealous. Chace is just chace, he's just a friend of mine and yours so don't be jealous. You're way more hotter than him." You winked.

"Hmm, hotter?" He said smiling.

"Yep... Hotter." Then you two kissed each other until it leads to sex. It was so passionate and full of love.


You woke up on Sebastian's chest. You chuckled and kissed him. He was awakened by your kiss.

"Oh sorry. Didn't mean that."

"I love you." Was all he can say in the morning.

"I hate you." You replied.

"What why?"

"Just kidding, I love you too."

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