tom hiddleston | i won't ever forgive him, them

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You were walking down the street as you saw a magazine. You get it and you were shocked of what the Magazine says.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift spotted yesterday kissing in Los Santos Beach. Wait wait wait, Is Tom and Y/N broke up?

And you saw a picture of them kissing. You are mad, super mad with other mixed feelings. You bought the Magazine and went home, waiting for Tom to come home.

While watching Netflix your phone vibrates and you saw Tom texted you.

Baby Loki🥰👶🏻 : Why aren't you replying baby???

You ignored it and continues to watch. Minutes later, Tom texted again.

Baby Loki🥰👶🏻 : Okay fine, I'll be home soon. Iloveyou Baby.

Once again you ignored it. Few Minutes after he came home and he tried to kiss you but you refused to.

"Hey? Why are you like this?" He asks. You look at him and you showed him the Magazine. His eyes widened as he saw it.

"You didn't tell me that you and Taylor are now a thing huh? Wow." You said and some tears fell down from your face. He looked down and sat beside you, you moved a little far away from him because you can't even look at him.

"Did you sleep with her?" You asked. He didn't answer.

"Did you... Fucking sleep with her?" You asked once again and your voice cracked. You looked at him.

"I'm sorry..." He responds.

"I am asking, did you sleep with her? FUCKING ANSWER ME!!!!!" You yelled at him.

"Yes." And there it is. You felt your body weak. You couldn't move. He keeps on apologizing and crying. Without talking you stood up, you get your phone and bag then you left the apartment.

You are crying so hard. You couldn't believe it. Tom Hiddleston, your one great love will cheat on you? Taylor Swift, your Best-Friend betrayed you. You couldn't believe it.

You took a cab and you went to Elizabeth Olsen's House. When you arrived, you cried at Elizabeth. She comforted you.

"Liz, I really don't know why would they cheat on me." You said crying.

"I'm gonna call Hemsworth, he should know this." But then when Liz is about to get her phone, you stopped her.

"Don't. I don't want to tell Chris yet, not now not ever." You said between tears.

"Y/N, the whole thing is in the magazines that means it's all over the internet. They'll know." You then opened your phone and there's a lot of messages from Tom, Avengers Family, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and some dm's from the fans about the cheating.

"I don't care. I won't ever forgive him, them." You said and continued to cry on Elizabeth's shoulders.

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