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victoria's secret
inspired by the one i made on Sebastian Stan's Imagines but it's gone now, i deleted it because it's ugly😂 i'll return it soon.

Y/F/N a Famous Victoria's Secret Model and Tom Hiddleston a Famous Hollywood Actor. What a beautiful couple right? That's you and your boyfriend for 8 years.

You and Tom started dating on year 2011. You met on the party of Robert Downey Jr. in New York. It was 2007 that time and you were single and so Tom.

After that party the two of you became friends until on 2011, you both confirmed your relationship. Today is your Birthday and you're one of the best and legens Models in Victoria's Secret.

Good Timing because there's a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show today. You couldn't wait to walk again in front of beautiful people.

"Hey are you nervous?" Tom asked you while you're both on your Hotel Room.

"Yes. Kind of." Then he went close to you and hugged you. That makes your confidence boost.

"Don't be. I know that you're gonna be great there. The best Model of them all." He said as he kisses your forehead.

After a few minutes you left the Hotel and went to the Backstage of VS. Tom went to the VIP seats with some of his friends, including Chris Hemsworth and RDJ.

After a lot of women walks. They decided to put you on the last since you're the best Model and It's your birthday.

"For the Final Walk. Modeled by the Birthday Girl, Y/F/N." Someone said on the speaker. Then you began to walk like a Goddess. You're wearing this Black Lingerie with White Wings.

You smiled while you walk and looked over Tom. He is cheering you as well as the others. Then the camera pointed Tom who's very hot and proud. The people 'awwed' and shouted.

After the runway you and Tom went home. Then you two checked the notifications from ENews. Of course, new article again.

article by ENews

What a wonderful night hy Victoria's Secret. It was a Magical Night with those beautiful Angels walking down the aisle. But one moment was captured.

Tom Hiddleston an Actor was spotted cheering for his Girlfriend for 8 years, Y/F/N. But we have a huge question for this, WHEN WILL YOU GET MARRIED?

"It's so funny that people are so supportive for the both of us. Right baby?" Then you turned around as you asked him until you saw him on his knee.

"Will you marry me?" He asked.

"Of course?!" You shouted as you hug him. Then seconds later you were surprised because all of your friends are in your apartment just hiding. They were about to surprise for your birthday but Tom decided to surprise you with more exciting.

"Thank you everyone, oh God I still can't believe that I am engaged." You said.

"I love you." Tom mumbles. You both kissed passionately.

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