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"I can handle this. I am a Doctor."

You are an American Doctor who's working at one of the best hospitals in New York. Your break time is done and you are now walking down the aisle.

"Hello Dr. Y/S." A lot of patients & nurses are waving at you and you are waving back, of course. You're kinda famous on this hospital because you're so good & you're so gorgeous.

"Chief wanted to talk to you in private." Doctor Scott said or Scottie, as you call him. You just shook your head and went to Chief's Office.

"Y/N the whole hospital knew that you are the best doctor here and you know that as well. So we have this favor for you."

"Sure anything, except if that includes opening my body and getting my organs." You joked and you two chuckled.

"This ain't nothing to do with opening body but opening mind & heart. I want you to open your both mind & heart to accept this project. You are chosen to be the official Doctor of the Avengers in Avengers Tower."

You stopped from chuckling after hearing what your Chief's said. You didn't know what to say actually exactly.

"Wow... I wasn't expecting that, I thought you were just going to ask me if I can handle your surgeries for the whole month." You slightly chuckled.

"Well are you down?" Chief asked you.

"Of course, why wouldn't I? Besides this is a big opportunity." You smiled. After a few minutes of talking you packed your things and went to the Car of Avengers.

"Finally an Official Doctor." The driver said looking to you. It wasn't an Avenger.

After a few minutes of driving you finally arrived and you went inside. You're not at the lobby and went to the front desk.

"Y/F/N, Doctor." You said and smiled. As the woman heard your name and the word 'doctor' she quickly called someone and told you to wait.

You sat on one of their couches. It's comfy.

After a while of waiting someone walked in from outside. It was a tall young man with long ass black hair. He is with the tall man as well with the long ass blonde hair.

"Mortal, your nose is bleeding." The one with the black hair approaches you. You then gasped and touched your nose, it was literally bleeding.

"Oh shit. Why now?" You mumbled to yourself. You asked the woman where's the bathroom is and she pointed it on the left side.

"Lady, why don't you call a doctor?" The one with the blonde hair asked.

"Just call a doctor, don't be feeling like a doctor." The one with the black hair asked. Then you stopped from walking and looked at them.

"I can handle this. I am a Doctor." Then you continued to walk towards the bathroom. You stay there for a while until the bleeding stops.

You went outside and walked directly to the lobby until you saw them. All of them, the Avengers. You gasped and apologizes.

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