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You've been stressed because of work for almost 3 weeks. The reason why you're having a high fever. Tom isn't home with you because he's filming a movie.

"Are you sure that you don't want Ton to find out?" Scarlett Johansson, your bestfriend for 12 years. Since you couldn't help yourself to get better, you called Scar.

"Yeah, I don't want him to be worried. He's filming and yeah just don't." You said as you drank a full glass of water.

After a few minutes you started to throw up again. You've been vomiting for almost 1 week and that what makes Scarlett ask you this. "Are you fucking pregnant?"

You choked as you heard what she asks. You chuckles thinking of how would you be pregnant, but then you realized you missed your period for 2 months now.

"Fuck." You mumble. You and Scar stared each other thinking of what you should do.

"I'll go buy a Pregnancy Test. You go stay here alright?" You stopped her before she walks away.

"Let me. The Paparazzi might see you and take photos of you. The wild fans, what if they hurt you?" You worried.

"I'm wearing a Cap and Shades. I'll be okay. See you soon and please don't do anything stupid." You laughed. As Scar left your apartment, you can't think straight.

What if you're pregnant? What will you do? Does Tom will be happy for this? Your parents? Are they gonna support you?

You don't know.

A few minutes later Scar finally arrived and gave you the Pregnancy Test. You are staring into it, thinking of are you gonna do it. You're scared.

"Everyone's gonna support and be happy for you. Especially Tom, you know how much Tom wanted to have a baby with you. Come on, just do it." Scar said.

You came inside the bathroom and did the test. After a few minutes you saw the pregnancy test. You opened the door and looked at Scar.

"Two Lines. Positive. I'm fucking pregnant."

You said. Scarlett started to shout. She's too excited and don't know what to do. You couldn't help but cry.

"Hey hey hey, why are you crying?" She asks as she hugs you.

"I don't know. I'm scared. Tom and I aren't married yet, my parents told me that before having babies I should be married first." You said.

"Don't worry. I know your parents would love the baby hiddle. Parents are just like that but when they saw you pregnant? Or when they finally saw the baby, they're gonna love it and acccept it."

You took a deep breath and smiled.

"Should I tell Tom now or when he just gets home?" You asked.

"Surprise him. But to be sure let's go to the hospital, you need to be check. We don't know if that thing is really telling the truth." You and Scar laughed.

You changed clothes and went to the Hospital. The Doctor said that it was positive, you're really pregnant. You couldn't wait to tell Tom about this.

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