tom hiddleston | dating would include

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📌 good morning & goodnight sex

📌 good morning & goodnight texts

📌 sweet messages from him every-single day

📌 more kisses on forehead than cheeks

📌 netflix & chill when it's day-off

📌 talking about future

📌 reading books

📌 watching his movies (more like re-watching)

📌 calling you his Darling, Love, Baby

📌 calling him as Love, Loki, Baby

📌 romantic dates on a non-special day (also on some special days)

📌 making a tea & coffee every-morning

📌 singing his favourite songs

📌 going to London with him evey year

📌 going to your hometown every year

📌 when fighting he is always the one saying 'sorry' first

📌 late night talks

📌 facetime when he's away or when you're away

📌 joking around and saying 'kneel' on him in a Loki's voice

📌 kicking your ass when you're wearing something that shows your ass

📌 going to the gym

📌 taking a bath together after to the gym

📌 always getting jealous when you keep on saying you love Thor more than Loki

📌 for him not to be jealous anymore, u need to kiss him deeper and deeper until it ends with sex

📌 making a hand written letter when the two of you fight, when he's away and when it's a special-day

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