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You are a Famous Actress just like your fiancée, Tom Hiddleston. Today the whole squad (the Marvel Casts) are having this little 'get together' even though you saw each other last week.

It's 10pm and you all are ready to get drunk. Everyone sat on the floor and decided to play the Whisper Challenge. Scarlett gave you a beer but you refused.

"Let's take a video or live?" Sebastian asks. He took out his phone and place it on somewhere you all can see.

"Video is better and just upload it tomorrow." RDJ said as you all started to play. After a lot of laughs because of the silly game, it's you and Tom's time to play.

You put on the headphones and you heard the Congratulations by Post Malone started to play. You kind of lipsync because it's your jam.

"Eat Your Foot." Tom started to say and everyone laughed. You concentrate more on his lips than people laughing around you.

"What? Again?" You asks.

"Eat. Your. Foot." Then you kind of thought guess it.

"Eat Your Food?" Tom laughed as well as the others and you too. You just couldn't stop thinking about what the hell he's saying.

After 4 minutes of guessing Chris Evans put his hand up gesturung 1 minute. That means you only have 1 minute.

"EAT! YOUR! FOOT!!! FOOOOOOT!" Tom said and there! You guessed it.

"FOOT! EAT YOUR FOOT!" You shouted. Everyone laughed and clapped. Now it's Tom's turn. Tom put the headphones on him and the song started to play. Elizabeth gave you the piece of paper which has the word but you smiled and gave it back, which made them confused.

"Maybe she has a better words?" Scarlett said and they agreed. You just chuckled and started to talk.

"We're having a baby." As you said that all of them started to freak out especially Sebastian, your best friend. You just can't help but laugh.

"What???" Tom asks confused.

"We're having a baby." You repeated. Tom smiled as he started to guess.

"I know now. Where have you been?" Then you all started to laugh. You shook your head and started to repeat it.

It's been 5 minutes and Tom didn't guessed it so he took off the headphones and you started to smile wider. Everyone was quiet and that makes Tom confused.

"Why is everyone quiet?" Tom asks

"Do you wanna know what I'm saying? It was just easy!!!" You said.

"No it's not! But what is it?"

"We're having a baby." You said. He chuckles and paused.

"What? Oh. Wait what?" He asks nervously. You took out something from your pocket. It's the pregnancy test and an ultrasound.

"Yes. We're having a baby." Tom looked deeply on the ultrasound and cried.

"This isn't a prank? Isn't?"

"No! You silly! You're going to be a DAD!" You shouted as Tom hugged you so tight. Everyone aww-ed and took a video, shouting and cheering.

"I love you so damn much! How can you keep this kind of secret???"

"It's a surprise you silly." Then he kissed you passionately.

"Y/N since when you found out that you're preggy?" Sebastian asks.

"3 weeks ago. First I got a pregancy test and then it turns out it's positive so to be sure, I went to a hospital. Check ups & yes the ultrasound." Everyone were so happy for the both of you.

8 Months later your belly is huge. Tom is very happy and so are you. You and Tom are on a Interview with Jimmy Fallon.

"When are you planning to get married? And what are your plans?" Jimmy asks.

"We decided to get married when our baby boy is 10 months old. So that would be on August 2020, actually that was our plan before our baby came. We're planning to get married on 2020 around July and August." Tom answered.

"What's the baby's name? Have you decided yet?"

"James Kingsley Hiddleston." You answered.

"Aww, what a wonderful name! Well you're 8 months pregnant and looking healthy! As well as baby James!" You both giggled.

"Thank you, Jimmy!" You both said. A few minutes of talking finally the show is over. You and Tom even invited Jimmy to your wedding.

You're now home, sitting on a comfy couch while admiring the view from your balcony.

"Love, here's some cold water." Tom gave you a glass of water. You took a sip and put it down on a table beside you.

Tom then sat beside you. He leaned his head on your shoulder and sighs.

"I will always and forever protect and love the two of you." He said and you smiled.

"I know that." You responded.

"How many kids you want?" You then looked at him.

"I only want one, but if you wanted to have more it's okay." You said. Tom giggles.

"I also want one, darling." Then now you leaned your head on his shoulder.

"I love you, Tom." You whispered and sighs. You just couldn't imagine and believe that one day you would marry the man of your dreams. You just couldn't believe that you're having a baby boy with him, it's just perfect.

"I love you too, Love."

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