loki laufeyson | you are the reason

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I woke up in a room... and it's not my room. I looked around and saw a door, I opened it and decided to go out and walked.

There's a lot of glass doors and everything. Where the fuck am I? All I can remember is that I got into a huge fight over a croissant.

While walking and walking I reached like the center of this building, I think. There was a huge glass door and an empty front desk... and a Piano, I've missed playing Piano.

I went there and sat. I started to play a song. I chose the song that I'm kind of addicted atm, You Are The Reason by Calum Scott.

There goes my heart beating
'Cause you are the reason
I'm losing my sleep
Please come back now

There goes my mind racing
And you are the reason
That I'm still breathing
I'm hopeless now

I sang. I know that I'm not a good singer because my pronunciation of some words while singing is a bit crazy... they said. I have this really strong english accent that even singing I can say it. Ugh!!!

I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Oh, 'cause I need you to see
That you are the reason

There goes my hand shaking
And you are the reason
My heart keeps bleeding
I need you now

I continued to sing until someone walked in. I gasped and stopped playing. It was a tall man with some ugly long ass hair with a black suit on.

"You got a lovely voice but darling you—" I cut him off even though he's nice. But I know what's he gonna say.

"Accent. Yes my English Accent is ruining the song, I know. And it's not my fault that I grew up in England." I said. He just stares at me and laughed.

What the fuck is so funnt dumbass?

"What I meant was that thing. Here look, there is something in your hair." He removes something on my hair and smiled.

"Oh... sorry." I apologize. I stood up and decided to be nice and introduce myself in a proper way.

"Y/N Y/S, you?" He then took my hand and shakes it.

"Loki. Loki of Asgard, Son of Odin." Oh he's the filthy bad bitch who ruined New York before? Isn't?

"Oh I know you, I've seen you a lot on TV especially ruining the New York. But don't worry, I know you've changed."

"Great, well are you wondering why you're here?" He asks. I just nodded, well YES?! Why the hell am I here?

"You got into a huge accident that you can't even remember your loved ones." He said. What?!

"What accident? All I can remember is that me fighting someone over a croissant?" He laughs, seriously?

"That happened 1 year ago and yes that was the last time you got into a fight but after fighting you got into an accident. Car Crash."

I then literally turned into a confused woman.

"1 year ago?"

"After the Car Crash, you are comatose. You've been out for 1 year. The Doctor said that you lost the half of your memories including... me."

I... I got into a fucking accident? And comatosed? For one year? Lost the half of my memories? I'm dead.

"But don't worry, they'll come back soon, as soon as you take the medicines and be a good girl."

"I won't force you to remember any of us here. We won't force you, Love."

Love... Love... Love... After hearing that my head started to feel like someone is trying to get in. It hurts so bad that makes my nose bleed. Loki gasped ans helped me, he was about to bring me somewhere until I told him not to.

Oh God... I know him. I know him.

"Love?" I asked.

"Love, baby are you feeling alright?" He asked. Oh Lord, I know him well. I know him!?!

"Love, I... I remember you." He then didn't say anything but just kissed me. I kissed back and smiled.

"I love you, more than anything." He said. m

"Even being a King of Asgard? Or the Tesseract?" I joked.

"You totally remembers all of it. Oh God, I love you!!!" And we decided to play some music before we go. I started to play the Piano and started to sing for him.

"I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Oh, 'cause I need you to see
That you are the reason."

I stopped playing and closed my eyes for a moment. There it all I can see why I got into an Accident. I was going to Loki that night to tell him that I love him more than anything, we almost broke up so I decided to rushed driving but sadly a truck hit my car.

"That night that I got accident, it was because I wanted to go to you and tell you how much I love you. I know that I've caused that broken heart before, I was the one who wanted to have space but I was wrong. But that night I wanted to show you that you are the reason why I got into an accident... just kidding [chuckles] but to show you that you are the reason why my heart is so full of love."

He leaned in to kiss me passionately.

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