loki laufeyson | we need you back 3

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The Agents, Avengers, and of course me are still working on this huge problem with my Mother. I still can't believe that Alpha controlled her to leave us and to kill my Dad.

"Agent A, why don't you take a rest for a while? Go play with your brother or get a sleep?" Wanda said to me.

"No need but thanks. Jameson is busy with his toys & stuffs and I don't need to get a sleep, I'm fine." I said.

Minutes of doing something in the Lab someone called on the telephone. I reached it & answered it.

"Agent A of SHIELD. Who is this?" I asked through the phone.

"Agent A. What a Great Timing huh? So tell me how's your mother?, Y/N." I gasped as I heard what I just heard.

"What have you done to my Mother?!" I said between angry feels. Steve and Tony quickly clicked the speaker mode so they can hear what will Alpha say.

"I am giving you only one day to decide. I will give the pill that will make your mother to be herself again if you will give me your little precious brother. Is that a deal?"

Tony, Steve and I looked at each other. I didn't know what to say, I won't let them take Jameson from me.

"What will you do to my brother?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, Y/N but that's a huge secret. Also if your mother didn't take the pill, she'll die soon. Think about that, Y/N. Your mother will die? That's awful!!!"

I'm so mad, terrified, scared. I can't explain my feelings right now. I don't know what will I do.

"If you can't decided yet It's fine, I'll call you later dear. Tomorrow in the Los Real, before sunset we need to meet. If you're not there, then goodbye then. Goodbye to your little mother."

Then the call ended. I felt my legs & knees weak. I cried.

"Easy, easy Y/N. You'll be fine. We need to figure this out." Steve said.

"Agent 6, have you recorded It?" Tony asks the Agent 6 and he shook his head.

"Okay, do everything to know who called. So we can know their location, got it? Now move!" Tony said.

"What are we gonna do?" I asked them. Suddenly the door opened, I saw Loki & Thor came in with Nat, Bucky & Sam.

"We just heard what happened. What are we gonna do? Steve? Tony?" Nat asks. I sigh as I remember Jameson. I don't know what to do.

"Let's trick them." Loki said. We all faced him.

"What do you mean?" I asked. He then chuckles and walk towards the white board.

"You do all know that I can change my appearance right? I can even be a snake heheheh. So my plan is, instead of putting Jameson there tomorrow. I'll be the one who's gonna be there."

"Then what will happen? When they got you?" Wanda asks.

"Well easy. I'm gonna go with them and when you got here back safe, I'll be teleporting."

"Okay. That's the plan." I said. Then the Agents & Avengers started to do their work for tomorrow's big day.

"Who would've thought that someone who calls me Ugly is actually helping me. [chuckles] Thanks." I said to Loki.

"You truly are Ugly. [chuckles]" Then I rolled my eyes. But seriously, I really am thankful to Loki.


After a busy day they decided to take a rest so the other Avengers & including Y/N slept already, while Loki & Bucky are both in the kitchen area finding some late night snacks.

"So how's the opposite week going?" Bucky asks Loki, then Loki chuckles while getting some popcorn.

"Finally It's almost over. You are such an Evil." Loki said. Bucky came closer to him and got some popcorn.

"Tomorrow's the last day of your opposite challenge. Congratulations, Mr. Laufeyson."

Well what's the Opposite Challenge? It's just an opposite day. Like when you saw someone that looks so gorgeous, instead of telling them they're gorgeous you're gonna tell them that they're ugly. You get my point?

"It's opposite right? Well Bucky you look so handsome tonight. I really am thankful to be your bestfriend." Then they laughed and went to their rooms.

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