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Tom have been courting me for almost 10 months. I actually told him that he can ask me if he wants me to be his girlfriend when we reached 5 months of courting and i will definitely say YES. I think he wants me to know more and i would love to know more about him too.

I am now in a Interview with Ellen. And they are asking me about Tom.

"Tom and you are what?" Ellen asked. People started cheering as they saw the photo of mine and Tom's on the screen.

"Tom is still courting me. He is courting me for almost 10 months now."

"Wow. So how was it?"

"It is amazing. I do love him and i would like to know more about him. Yes 10 months is enough i mean we should've known each other but i still respect his decision, if he is waiting for something then i can wait too." Then Ellen and the crowd said 'aww'.

"If Tom asked you now to be his girlfriend, would you say Yes?" Ellen asked. What kind of question is that?

"Definitely Yes, Ellen." I chuckles. Then the next thing i know people shouted more and Ellen stood up. I don't know what's going on so i stood up and i turned around.

I just saw a beautiful man standing with a bouquet of Red and Black Roses. My favourite.

"I just heard what you said to Ellen. Well even though i know the answer, i would still love to ask you." People shouted more louder than ever.

"Would you like to be mine? Ms. Y/F/N." Tom asked.

"No... Just kidding, why would i say no to Tom Hiddleston? Right guys?" I said. Then Tom handed me the flowers and he kissed my forehead.

"Well i am glad to have this on my Show! Congratulations to Y/N and Tom. We will be right back!" Ellen said.

Me and Tom went home after the interview. We are now on the Kitchen. I'm making a lasagna and Tom is there standing, staring at me.

"I can't believe that you and i are now together." Tom said as he hugs me from behind.

"Aww baby, i know." It's my first time to call him as Baby. Oh God, wow.

"Hmm Baby huh? I would love to call you Love. Is that okay?" He asked kissing my neck.

"Yes baby, i would love that."

"And i also WOULD love to make baby with you." He said and started to kiss me. We just laughed after kissing, realizing how crazy we are.

"I love you, Hiddle."

"I love you too, Y/SN." He said as he gave me a passionate kiss. I would never ever leave this man, i promise that.

Y/SN - Your/SurName
Y/N - Your/Name
Y/F/N - Your/Full/Name

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