Chapter Seven

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Song: In My Head by Bedroom

Shinsou's P.O.V.

An hour. A whole hour since the news and reality of the situation hit me square in the fucking face, I knew this would happen. I knew in the back of my mind, and I should've listened...but Y/n was so pumped and excited about it, it blinded me with hope. Hope that I, a villain like me could ever get into a prestigious hero school.

It's been a whole hour when I screamed my anger out at my only friend who has been with me through thick and thin. But I'm just fucking done. Of course, she got into the hero course. Of course...why wouldn't she? She's strong and quick to make decisions. She has a quirk that could actually do damage.

I'm so angry...So angry... I'm angry at myself, for being so fucking useless...for failing...and for and yelling at her like she was someone that is my personal punching bag. Like she has no emotions, I was too blinded by rage to even take a moment to realize how I made her cry. 

My eyes burn thinking about it, but I can't cry. I can't cry now when she's still in the room. The only noise is her sniffling and gasps for air in between soft sobs. It makes my stomach churn and a bigger weight than before push down on my chest. Should I apologize?

Of course not. Why doesn't she fucking leave already? Is she really that persistent on sticking around until I feel better? Because not gonna happen. 

I find myself staring at her...hard. I'm snapped out of it when we make eye contact, her eyes are puffy from crying, her nose is stuffy and tears continue rolling down her cheeks. I open my mouth to tell her some insult in hopes it'll make her angry at me and leave. Maybe I just want her to yell back at me in anger. 

Yeah, be fucking angry at me already. 

But, before I can go with my plan my door opens. Mom. I tear my eyes away from the two women in my room to the floor with a clenched fist. "Hey...I heard some yelling up here and- Y/N! Oh dear, what's wrong?!" Mom panics a bit seeing Y/n's tear-soaked face. Mom looks at me, From my expression, I bet she knows already what's happened.

She backs out of the room, hearing a muffled scream most likely towards my father she steps into the room and heads straight to Y/n. Of course, she does. No hug for her son? Fucking nothing? Why doesn't she just sign me up for a sex change? Or better yet disown me and adopt Y/n instead.

I'm not angry at her... I'm not angry at either of them...I'm just...going through too much. 

"Honey, why don't you go downstairs and let Hajime make you some tea, yeah? You're too pretty to cry." She smiles, wiping at her tears with a soft motherly smile on Mom's face. Y/n's eyes flicker over to me before back to Mom, "B-But," She croaks out, "Mihoko...I want to stay with Shinsou."

I scoff.

I don't mean to.

I want her to stay too actually, even when I've thrown all my anger that is towards myself on to her...she still is comforting. She's always been. Mom crouches a bit to her eye level, "I know Y/n, but I need to talk with Shinsou, I promise you can come back up here after though. Alright?"

Y/n's eyes pry at me, pry at my already shattering heart. I want to scream out how sorry and angry I am but I don't. I bite my tongue and watch as she slowly nods and leaves my room trembling. Mom straightens her posture and closes the door with a soft click.

Like she's shutting in all of our tension, a suffocating tension. I wish one of the cats was in here for me to pat...

She turns to me and storms up to me, a sharp sting resonates in my cheek, my head turned to the right. Did she just...She fucking slapped me. Mom slaps me right before pulling me into a tight hug, stroking our run in the family purple hair with only love. 

I've always had a soft spot for mom. I'm not much of a crier, in fact, it's rare for me to cry. But here I am, grasping on to my mother with tears pooling from my tired eyes. I tremble in her grip, "I failed..."

"No you didn't baby, you succeeded."

"No! I didn't. I got in General Studies..." I bite at my quivering bottom lip to not let out a wail of sobs. "That's still a win baby..." Mom shifts so she can see my face, a small smile is on hers, "I'm so sorry for cursing you with this quirk...I know it hasn't been easy. I know it hasn't." A sigh escapes her light pink lips.

Our matching purple eyes clash together in a soft stare while she continues to tenderly run her pale fingers through the tufts of my purple hair. Inhaling sharply she continues, "And I know you have to work harder than o-others... You've worked so hard for this," 

Another pang to my heart to hear my Mom's voice crack, "But General Studies isn't bad baby... we can make it work! You can't lose hope...not now. Not after everything. Be my hero Shinsou, I know you can."

"It's just! It's so hard! I can't..." I look away turning my glare to the hardwood floor.

"If it was easy, everyone would do it."

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