Chapter Eleven

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I am without Grammarly, excuse the spelling mistakes I am iLLiTeRaTE.  Also much shorter chapter than previous ones. My birb also says hello to all of you, he has been watching me write this from above me LMAO
Song: Juliet by Cavetown

My body was sprawled out on the cotton candy mattress, well it wasn't cotton candy- but in my barely conscious state it felt fluffy and soft under my weight. Cotton candy cloud combination. My faze nuzzles into my pillow, hugging it close to me, clinging desperately on to sleep like it was some form of dependency. It's not like I struggle to sleep, just something about this small lucid dreaming like state I'm in makes me feel like I should grip on to it for as long as I can even if it meant I slept through the rest of that day.
But, that wouldn't be an option for me.

For I have Shinsou as a best friend.

"Y/n." I felt a firm poke of a finger in the middle of my back. Releasing a groan in response I refuse to crack open my eyelids for him. "C'mon lazy ass," I felt more jabs of his finger in the center of my back, "Up you go."

"mmggghhh." Was my only reply. Hugging my pillow tighter and smooshing my face into it, I pray he will somehow turn out like the Grinch, his heart will grow in size and just let me sleep. But once again, this is Shinsou we're talking about. For a minute I thought he actually did leave me alone to rest- but the burning sting on my ass told me otherwise. 

The slapping sound bounces of my walls and snaps my eye lids open. "SH-SHINSOU!" Face now burning to the tips of my ears I quickly turn around to face him, gripping the stinging ass cheek with one hand. "What the fuck!"

His smirk was broad against his face, accomplished and mischevious, "Hmmm? What's the problem."

I scrunch my nose up at him, "My sore ass, that's the problem!"

The boy just bellows out a laugh, which makes it hard to stay upset with him. He doesn't laugh very often, or with many people. He's always so serious and tired, so I've learned to enjoy these moments where he isn't off in his own world that is built in the depths of his mind.

"You deserved it- now get that sore ass of yours out of bed, we're going running aren't we?"
I stare at him...shit I did ask for this. Groaning I flop my head to the side. "A little longer pleassseee Shinsou," My arms stretch out in front of me making grabby motions with my hands, "Join meeeeee!"

His chuckle was gravely, giving me supporting evidence that he didn't sleep much last night. "Fine, move over. 10 minutes only and then we're running." I let out a small tired cheer before wiggling my body over to make room on the bed for Shinsou.

He worms himself underneath the white blankets of my bed and lays awkwardly beside me, making sure to keep some space between us. I wasn't going to settle with that though, I curl myself up into his chest, even throwing a leg over his hip. "Y-Y/n!"

"shshshshsh, nap time. No talking during nap time or divine punishment." I let my eyes close and a small smile grace my lips. Minutes pass, unmoving silent minutes. I can feel him shift though,  his arm lowers down around my body and his hand starts combing back my hair so gently it's almost as if it was just the wind. 

Even if Shinsou is a hardass and serious and well... Shinsou, he's still sweet. He still has these moments with me and he still has feelings like any one else. He's still human.
When his soft snores hit my ears I already know we'll be here a bit longer than 10 minutes. I wanted him to get some sleep, he's always running on 20 and less. He's like a dying phone that never quite charges all the way.


"You are a heathen."

"I am just looking out for your health."



This earns me a flick in the middle of my forehead from Shinsou. He had woken from his nap 20 minutes later and now is bickering with me over it. Currently I am dressed in shorts and a light T-Shirt, now I just have to get my shoes on, so Shinsou is leaning against the way of the entrance area of my home while I squat down tying my laces.

"Woah woah, what's happening in here?"

"Your daughter is a witch, Mr. L/N." Shinsou replies. Father throws his head back in laughter, "You casting spells on him darling?" Father snickers, taking a long sip from his coffee mug. Scrunching up my nose I shake my head, "He's just cranky because I didn't wake him from his nap."

"Wench." Shinsou comments.

I give him a playful slap to the leg, getting my other shoe on. "You two going out somewhere?" Father raises an eyebrow, looking between us.

"Just for a run, we'll be back by noon." I answer standing up and stretching a bit, my eyes glance to my father, "You don't have to work today?"

"Nope! Everything is taken care of. You two go have fun!" 

Hooking arms with Shinsou I pull him out the door, giving a small wave to my dad. We walk to the end of my driveway and stare out at the deserted looking roads. "...Your moms not home." Shinsou states.

"I know."

"...Do you think he'll..?"

"Don't finish that sentence. I don't want to think about it." I sigh, Shinsou just nods and shuts up. "...Let's get started." I smile wide up at him, I didn't want to dwell on any thoughts and theories in my head. I will just enjoy my day with Shinsou. 

We both do a few stretches before starting off with a walk, which develops into a jog, then a run.  Switching every so often between a run and walking, exhaustion starts to plague us and weigh down on the both of us causing our movements to be lazy and sluggish. Sweat drips from our temples and soaks into our shirts.

"Wattteerrrrr." I beg, stopping to catch my breath. "There's a vending machine close by," Shinsou pants, using the back of his arm to wipe the sweat from his forehead, "I'll go get us something to drink. Go sit over there." He points to the curb of the sidewalk. I nod, gasping for air and trudging over to the spot he directed me to. Plopping myself down on the cement, I tuck my legs to my chest and watch Shinsou jog off towards a vending machine which was down the street a little.

The cement felt warm from the suns glares, not helping at all with my hot sticky from sweat body. I'll never get used to the heat here.


My head swivels slowly in the direction my name was called. Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero, "Hey you three." I smile without energy, giving a pathetic wave of my hand.

"What happened with you??" Sero gives a quirked smile at the sight of me, I let out a small scoffing laugh, "Run day with Shinsou."

Kirishima's eyes practically sparkle, "That's so manly of you! Still working even on a day off! You should have text me, I would have definitely joined." I let out a small awkward laugh, "Sorry, I'll remember for next time then."

"Where is Shinsou anyway?" Kaminari narrows his eyes a bit, almost in distaste. Deciding to question him about that another day I just shrug, "He went to get us something to drink. He'll be back shortly."

"Want us to keep you company in the mean time?" Sero's smile never leaves his face, I like that about Sero. He always seems to have this smile on him like he is able to find the humour in anything, honestly something I respect about a person.

"Sure, why not."

The boys sit down beside me, well, Kirishima sits in front of me- so ON the road like a dumbass.

"It's all fun and games until a car hits Kirishima." Sero comments making us all cackle at the dark joke. Kirishima rolls his eyes grinning toothily, "I could take a car." He flexes his arms at us making a series of "OUUuuU"s and "Damn Kiri!"s come from all of us.

"Put the boys away or I'll start to fall in love!" Sero jokes, I giggle at picturing a bromance between the two of them. My smile was growing and not just because of that thought. It's been just Shinsou and I for so long that this is almost refreshing to have so many people laughing. Maybe Shinsou could warm up to this.

"Oi. What do you think you're doing." Speak of the devil. Our laughter dies down at the coolness Shinsou's tone emits. All of our eyes now lay on the drenched in sweat five foot nine boy, with purple hair which would points out in all direction and bag ridden eyes. His question wasn't a question. It was a demand.

"We were just keeping L/N here company!" Kirishima pipes up, getting to his feet and dusting his butt off from the dirt left over from the road. I grin up at Shinsou, "No worries Shin!" 

Shinsou eyes all of them. Especially Kaminari. His distrusting gaze softens when it gets to me. "...Well I'm here now so..." He creates a motion with his hand. "Shoo."

"WaH! Don't be a meanie Shinsou, they can stay if they want to stay." In response Shinsou scrunches up his nose at me, I scrunch mine back locking our eyes. 

"Bah." Shinsou gives in, he squeezes past Kirishima, bonking the temple of my head gently with the water bottle before holding it out for me to take. Grinning victoriously, I snatch the bottle and begin to DOWN IT. I am a thristy bitch, yes in both ways.

"Actually I think we should get going," Kaminari suddenly rises to his feet, "Right, guys?"

"What are you- AH! Yes, we have to get back to Kaminari's place before noon. See you two!" 
Sero interrupted himself with a new change of tone after Kaminari kicks his ankle. My eyebrows furrow together and my mouth is left agape, "Goodbye..I guess?? See you at school!" I wave to the three boys who are now being dragged by the golden haired boy.


"Oh hush."

"They're annoying."  I frown at Shinsou who looks away from me, I pinch his cheek, "You're just jealous. Give them a chance Shinsou, they're pretty fun to hang out with."

"It's not like I'll ever cross paths with them. They're in the hero course." I could just hear his teeth grind together when he said that. Spitting out the words like they're vile and inedible. The guilt yanks at my heart once again, my fingers release his cheek and instead I cup his cheek with my hand. His head turns in my direction, an eyebrow raised and lips parting about to speak.

"You never know what the future holds Shinsou." My thumb grazes gently along his cheek bone, "Give other people a chance. They aren't all going to be like the kids in middle school."

"It's so easy for you to say that." His lip curls.

"I know...I'm sorry."

My eye lids fall a bit, and my hand starts to slip from his face but to my surprise he grabs it to keep it there. He swallows hard, "...Sorry."

"Don't be sorry."

He releases my hand.

"Let's head back, I want to ressttt for a thousand years!" My arms fly to the skies as dramatic affect, earning a pity chuckle from Shinsou.

"Race you-"

"AS IF! We are both walking at a horribly slow pace and you will enjoy it!" I hook arms with his grinning brightly. He smiles back, shutting up and walking with me at our slow pace back towards my house.

It was silent and simple. No one said a thing yet we both smile like we were still having a conversation. Peaceful silence.

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