Chapter Sixteen

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"You..saw someone? Both of you?"

I nod slowly, I feel Shinsou's hand on my knee, squeezing it ever so gently as if to encourage me to talk and explain.
"She's a girl we know. She claims she's a new student here... her name is Nana?" Shinsou looks to me for help on her last name,
"Takada." I finish his sentence.

Principal Nezu and AllMight stare at us from the other side of the desk. The white mouse-like principal of ours furrows his eyebrows and scrunches up his nose as if thinking hard on what we told him.

Shinsou and I currently are seated on a plush gray couch in Principal Nezu's office. Sunlight glares at us through the giant windows that were there to replace the role of a wall.  My palms were growing sweaty from each second of silence that followed.

Taking in a shaky breath and clearing my throat I add, "We haven't seen Nana-Chan for a long time... sort of. We didn't even know she was in the city still. Is she a new student? Is she..? I can't imagine she'd break in... it was just the press right?"
My leg bounces up and down, every muscle in my body feeling stiff and anxious. My eyes never leave the two Pro Hero's in front of me.

Principal Nezu sighs, taking a sip from his little cup of tea. It was a teacup you'd expect to see in some sort of child's teacup party doll set. Looking like it should belong in this picture-perfect world where old classmates don't break into schools and parents never fight, where you get what you want because you've worked so hard for it. A picture-perfect world that I felt far from. I wanted to smash the teacup for no other reason but that it didn't belong in my world.

With a gentle clink from the cup being placed on a small saucer, Nezu finally comments, "I'll have to look through files. I'll make an investigation happen but I'm not sure there's much we can do if there's no evidence of her being here."

"What about us? We're the evidence, we're witnesses that has to count for something." Shinsou was quick to bite back.

"I know, Mr.Hitoshi. And I'm not saying you are lying, but it is the police force that must believe you."

"...they aren't going to believe two teenagers," I mumble under my breath. Shinsou presses his lips into a line.

"...yes. Unfortunately. We'll see what happens, there is still hope."

"There's something you're not telling us. It wasn't just the press. It couldn't have been." Shinsou spoke up standing up. He was getting all riled up now, unsatisfied.

"Shinsou!" I said out of surprise, pulling at the sleeve of his blazer to try and get him to sit back down.

".... Please make your way back to your homeroom Mr.Hitoshi and Ms.L/N."
"Yes Principal Nezu, thank you for your time." Quickly I got to my feet and bowed. Shinsou was glaring at the small man. I grab ahold of his arm and drag him out. Once the doors shut behind us we press our backs to the wall taking in a deep breath.

"....Y/n there's something big going on." My best friend spoke up after a bit. I look over at him, his purple eyes were fixated on the ground, they didn't hold their tiredness as usual. They didn't hold the lazy fatigue that he's managed to build up for himself. Determination.

"Big..?" I question him, leaning myself off the wall to be in his range of sight. "They're keeping something from us. I know they are."

I chew at my lip, "..what're we going to do about it Shinsou..?"

"...investigate ourselves."
"Shin I don't know if that's the best idea... the police will do what they can."

"Were you even listening? They're not gonna believe two Highschoolers."

"Ok- but where do we even start? How could we? Maybe we should just... I don't know..." I look away, I've never once disagreed with him like this. It pulled at my heart. I want to stand with him with this one but I don't know if it's our place. It could be nothing and we're making a big deal out of it.

"Are you with me or not Y/n!?" He pushes himself off the wall, standing in front of me with his arms crossed. Staring up at him I get a lump in my throat.

Maybe he could also be from the picture-perfect world.

"Shinsou..." I mumble staring up at him.

But I don't think I can be a part of it.

His arms slowly fall to his side.
"I just don't think this is a good idea..."

"...I thought you would help me on this and back me up Y/n."
My heart ached from the pain and offended look in his eyes.
"Just never mind. See you later." Shinsou turns on his heels, walking with his hands in the pockets of the bottoms to his school uniform. His purple hair bobbed slightly from each step he took.

"I-I'll see you after school?"

He didn't respond. He kept walking, further and further away from me. I wanted to cry, had I made him extremely upset? It was just my thoughts on it. Fuck. Fuck this is my fault I'm his best friend I should back him up on everything. I'll get him a juice box, I'll apologize and we'll be all good again. Right? Right.

I want to be a part of the picture-perfect world, it can't be picture-perfect if he's not there because...
Why? Why does it matter ..?
Why do I need Shinsou there with me? Because he's my best friend? Right? Right. He's my best friend and I need my best friend.

Most importantly, I want my best friend.


He didn't wait for me. He wasn't there after school, in fact , I caught him just as he left the gates. I stood by the school's entrance for a long time. My head hung and my stomach doing flips. I felt sick, like I wanted to cry but if I cried too hard I'd throw up.

People walked right past me, talking and laughing with their friends, it made my head spiral and my eyes burn. Pressure building up from the threat of tears. I want to cry so badly, I want to curl up and sob until my head hurts. Maybe I'm overreacting. I'm overthinking it all. When I get home I'll go to his house and we can talk this out.

He's never done this before. He's never left me like this. This is so weird and new and I hate it. I feel insane thinking like this.

"You ok, L/N..?" I look up, greeted with the face of a worried Kirishima.
"Hey, yeah I'm ok." I lie through my teeth, smiling at the red-haired boy. He grins back, "Ya had me worried for a second!"

"L/N! Are you waiting for Hitoshi? That's his name, right? Your soon-to-be husband?" Ashido asks, appearing by Kirishima's side, she snickers a bit to herself seeing how pink my cheeks have gotten from that comment. Her energy was bubbly and happy, it's hard not to want to match it or grin for real when she's around.

"Uhm, he left me actually. Shinsou didn't wait for me." I told her honestly, I couldn't lie to her, it felt near impossible and I haven't even tried.

"He WHAT!?" Ashido yells in outrage, she looked more offended than I was feeling-
"That's terrible," Kirishima frowns, "So unmanly of him." Ashido nods quickly in agreement, "Girly, how about you walk with us huh? You don't need Hitoshi all the time."

My lips twitch a bit, "Yeah, sure I'd like that."

"Sick! We're just waiting for Hanata and Kaminari."  Kirishima smiles sweetly at me.
"Oh- alright! Thank you... I appreciate the invite."

"Anytime girly." Ashido smiles giddily at me, her pink hand slapping my back harshly, "now cheer up! No bad vibes!"

I laugh lightly, it was a little hard to keep up with her enthusiasm. But I'd try, I wouldn't want to be the bad vibe that brought the mood down. It's ok. It's just one day with no Shinsou.

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