Chapter Fifteen

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Everyone all at once thought the same thing once the announcements were said, echoing all through the building and bouncing off each wall to remind us of the prominent danger that is opposing us.
That thought is, fucking run.

Each student in the building was in a chaotic frenzy of trying to get out of the Hero School, the halls are now a sea of teenagers shoving and squeezing past one another in an anarchic manner. But who could blame them? I'm doing the same thing... sort of.

Upon hearing the intercom's warning of our security breach, my thoughts weren't linked up with everyone else's, rushing to get out of here. Of course, the first thing I think of is Shinsou and his well-being. What if he didn't get out? Is he doing ok? I'm so fucking worried and confused.

"Shinsou!!!?" I try to call out but I might as well have said nothing at all. My voice was merely a whisper compared to the outrage and panicked words and footsteps of everyone around me.

"Move it!"
"Out of my way."
"Excuse me!"
I was trying to squeeze past people, my head turning every which way to try and catch sight of the familiar fluff of purple hair. My heart pounded in my ears till it was the only thing I could hear. Shinsou... Shinsou where is he-

Pain spreads all over my cheek as someone suddenly elbows me in the face. I stumble back holding my cheek in agony. My eyes squeeze shut, wincing and trying to negotiate with my pain.

"Asshole!" I snap, knowing they probably won't and can't hear me. When I open my eyes I am overwhelmed by the number of people shoving me out of the way. It's to the point where I'm tripping over myself. My back hugs a wall, trying to press my body to it to make myself appear small.

This is all hopeless. Fuck this is hopeless.
Anxiety pries at me, making my knees buckle and my breathing uneven. Everything has disorder to it and it was freaking me the fuck out. I can't find Shinsou, I'm so lost, I have no clue what to do and I can't even do the one thing that the school board wants me to. Get outside! This should be a practiced drill this is going hay-wire.

My head drops, the stinging of my cheek becoming a distant feeling to me, I was more focused on not crying in frustration.

I tuck my legs in and cover my head from the crowd so I'm not trampled on.

Suddenly, I feel a yank to my forearm, "On your feet dumbass!" Slowly I lift my head, my eyes widening when I meet his tired purple eyes.
"Up Y/n!"
I scramble to my feet. He releases my forearm, slamming his own above my head. His body towers over mine, protecting me from the stampede of teens.
"Just keep your eyes on me Y/n. I got you."
He said it so sincerely that it made me want to cry.
"...thank you Shinsou." My voice comes out quiet so I don't start sobbing. I'll look so silly and childish.
"Move slowly to your right. I'll move with you, there's a classroom we can stay in until this settles down, ok?" He said, trying to keep his balance as people start bumping against his back. He stays close though, making sure no one touches me.

"Okay..." I nod slowly, starting to sidestep with him to our right. I feel my back leave the wall and press to a sliding door. Shinsou's hand reaches around me making my heart almost stop and heat creep on the back of my neck.

With a single swipe, he got the door open, making us fall in. He wasn't quick enough to catch me completely or himself for that matter... but the fact he managed to put his hand beneath my head so I wouldn't hurt it makes me want to shower him with hugs and thank you's.
He is my best friend, he is the absolute sweetest person ever. He slowly slips his hand from underneath my skull and gets up, closing the door, making the noise outside muffled and no longer important to us. I sit up quickly, pulling myself to my feet.
"You ok Y/n? I was trying to get to you...." His words mumble off when he turns around to face me.

My eyebrows furrow at him in confusion. Slowly I turn my head to look behind me. I feel my blood turn to ice. My shoes glue me to the floor and my muscles go stiff.


The girl in question was standing in front of the open window of the classroom, files in hand. "Shit." That was all she could say.

"I-I didn't think anyone would be in here."

"What the hell are you even doing here," Shinsou asks. I wince a bit at how stern he was with his words but I'm wondering the same thing.

My hands slowly raise to cover my mouth, "don't tell me..."

She couldn't be. She couldn't be the reason for the security breach right?! It can't be. Fuck. What the fuck are you doing with yourself, Nana?

"No! I'm not the reason for the security breach!" She scrambles to say. "I-I am a new student here. Starting soon. I was supposed to start when all of you did but I uh, had some personal issues to deal with. Yeah."

My eyes flicker over to Shinsou, his fists are clenched and his jaw tightened. I can tell he's clenching his teeth together like it would be a wall to keep in all the words he wants to say.

I can't blame him. This is one of his old bullies, no doubt old feelings will resurface. Shinsou isn't me, he remembers things and he holds long-term grudges.

Most of all though, aside from the obvious rage emanating from him. I can tell he doesn't buy it. I don't even know if I do.

I want to believe the girl in front of me so badly but her whole situation is incriminating.

"What class are you going in?" Shinsou asks.

"Class 1-C-"

Her pupils shrink back in the whites of her eyes, losing their golden hue and fading into whiteness.

"Put the file down," Shinsou demands, she does as told. Her body now slumped a bit and moving zombie-like to complete his orders.

I watch her place the file down on the desk. She stares at Shinsou in expectancy.

"Walk your stupid ass out of the school the way you came from." He spat at her.
Slouching she makes her way towards the sliding door, slides it open and immerses into the crowd.

"....Nana couldn't be... she's bad but she isn't that bad right? She wouldn't break in... why would she even..." I think out loud, everything just getting more and more confusing.
"We can't worry about it all by ourselves, Y/n," Shinsou speaks up.

"Once the chaos is finished we report it."

"Right... ok." My teeth naw at the nail of my thumb in an anxious manner.

Shinsou sighs, walking over and lightly tapping the temple of my head. "Everything will be ok."

"...can we get juice boxes later?"

He chuckles slightly, "of course."

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