Chapter One

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Song: This Is Home by CaveTown

The world is unfair. It's always been unfair and adding Quirks into the mix made it even more unfair. You can get the very short end of the stick and be quirkless; usually the helpless. 

You can have a sucky quirk; just seen as weak

A quirk that makes you look like a villain; people fear and ridicule you.

Those who use their quirk for evil; just feared.

And then the lucky bunch with really good quirks. Most becoming heroes; The praised and glorified.  Shoved into the spotlight for everyone to see succeed...or fail. Success or failure. 



Or failure?

That is the question.

Your P.O.V.

My legs kick back and forth slowly as I hum in my seat. My hand moving messily as I scribble the blue crayon all over the picture Miss Grave passed out to all of us. Kindergarten was hands down the best!


Hearing my name called I perk up in my seat and look over at my friend who grins at me holding up two juice boxes. I gasp happily and reach out for one, "You're the best Nana-Chan!" my grin stretches out on my face as I take the juice box. Nana-Chan sits in the seat next to me, already sucking juice through the straw of her juice box. Her pretty shoulder-length black hair frames her pale face perfectly. 

"Can I come over and play?" Nana-Chan speaks up, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. Her big golden orbs look at me curiously. Ripping the plastic incased straw from the box and opening the plastic I look up at her and tilt my head, "Sorry Nana-Chan, Momma said no one's allowed over until I clean my room."

Scrunching up my nose I bitterly remember her yelling at me about how 'horrendous' my room is. I refuse to clean it though, giving in means weakness! I jab the straw into the correct spot and start drinking from the AllMight themed juice box. 

She sighs and nods, "Oh! Did you get your quirk yet?!" Nana-Chan smiles at me. I shrink back in my seat and shake my head, "No! And I don't want to."

I really didn't. 

Who would want something as dangerous as a quirk? I don't see the hype of it. Her smile drops into a frown, "You're like...the only one who hasn't gotten theirs yet though!" Nana-Chan lowers her voice, "What if you're...quirkless?" "I hope so..." I fidget in my seat and sigh, looking away from her prying eyes, "Quirk's seem like such a hassle, what if I hurt someone?" 

"Hurt someone? You? Y/n-chan you're such a hero! AllMight would be challenged!" Flicking my eyes back over I meet hers, her grin is wide and kind.


Letting out a small laugh I smile at her, "Thank you Nana-Chan..."

"No problem-"


I look over, fear coursing through me, but it dies down when I see a crowd of people around a boy...wait I know that boy! "Shinsou's a control freak!" One of the boy's squeaks out pointing at the small boy in question. He looks a little stunned from the sudden harsh words. Light kind of dark circles are under his eyes. His dark purple eyes widened and stare at the people around him.

Shinsou Hitoshi...

Yeah I know him.

Shinsou Hitoshi was none other than my neighbour! But I don't talk to him much, and he doesn't talk to me. I'm ok with that though, I'm happy with the friends I got!

My eyes bore into the scene in front of me. "What are you idiot's talking about?" His eyebrow's furrow and he crosses his arms over his chest, staring at the people around him. A boy with short fiery red hair puffs out his chest and places his hands on his hips, "We're just making sure you know exactly what you are, a villain."

"Shinsou-Kun is a villain?" I quirk my eyebrow at Nana-Chan who seems to be watching the scene with a....disgusted look on her face. "Obviously...don't tell me you don't know his quirk Y/n-Chan,"

"He can brainwash people."

"Oh..." I look back at the boy with sympathetic eyes.

Man...Do I ever hate quirks...


A few days pass since that whole dramatic conflict between Shinsou-Kun and some of our friends.


I sit in my yard pulling out the grass to try and cover my legs with them. I was going to become one with the ground! Grass Queen! My grin widens as I sprinkle more grass across my legs.

"What're you doing?"

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