Chapter Fourteen

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Song: Sweet Hibiscus Tea by Penelope Scott

"You're a student at U.A right?! Are you one of All Mights students!? How is he adjusting into being a teacher? Can you give us any news on how his teaching career has been goi-"

"Piss off."


I smile apologetically to the people bustling around us, shoving cameras and microphones into our faces, desperate to get any comment on their millions of questions they shoot our way.
The socially awkward teen grips at my forearm, trying to pull me away from the crowd and past the school gates. So far,  everyone was getting stopped by the reporters.

"You don't have to answer them." Shinsou grumbles to me, looking very agitated by the pushiness of the camera crews and news anchors. I sigh at the hopeless boy, smiling tiredly at his scrunched up face. Hooking arms with him we squeeze past the many people crowding and blocking the main entrance, avoiding answering any of their questions. They all had to do with AllMight, everyone is curious about his teaching job and how he's adjusting to U.A and, if he is even any good at what he does. It was so shocking to the public that he'd be teaching and not doing his usual hero work that it's started a big fuss all across the city.

We enter the school arm in arm like usual, not really speaking to each other but I was fine with that. When it comes to when we need to part ways I slowly let my arm slip from his and fall to my side. "See you at lunch." I smile up at him, he stops. He doesn't move to go down the hall as he usually would.

"..something happened."

"What's wrong?"
"What are you talking about Shinsou?" My throat feels like it's swollen. Does he know something?

His face starts to turn rosy red which sticks out like a sore thumb from it's original paleness. He looks away, eyebrows furrowing and lips pursing into a line of annoyance. "Your light... it was on all night."

I blink silently at him. He was paying attention to my room in the night? The thought of his attention being focused on me when I'm not around, to know he was thinking of me makes my heart flutter ever so slightly. But then I remember last night. I remember taking supper upstairs to my bedroom to eat and  running into Nana and the slamming of doors with silence to follow. The screaming. I could hear it.
I remember unable to release the screaming and agony on my mind, I remember the pieces of ripped paper falling into piles on my floor as I vent my emotions on to every sheet. 
I almost start to cry.

Shinsou stares at my face, empathy and concern creeping into his eyes. "...I...uh.." I stammer, I wasn't sure how to respond. My chest felt like it was exploding and my mind was screaming "tell him." But where do I to start? Where would I even begin? There's so much but there's too much.

"...Y/n," I snap from my thoughts looking up at my best friend's face who scans my own. "...Would you like to talk about it later?"

I open my mouth to give him a response but I'm interrupted by Kaminari's positive energy.
"Yooooo Flirt Buddy!" He throws his arm around my shoulder, "Come on we're gonna be late!"

"R-Right!" I try to switch vibes, push down the creeping void I start to feel, ignore it and suppress it. But Shinsou, definitely does not do that. I can feel his irritation radiating off of him. Kaminari, however, is oblivious. Or maybe he was purposely ignoring it.

"Hey Hitoshi, I didn't see you there." Kaminari gives him a crooked smile, "If you'll excuse us, we'll be going to class."

Shinsou's fists clench, and I can see his jaw tighten and every muscle bulge in anticipation. 
Warning bells went off in my head so I say something before Shinsou makes an irrational decisions. "Talk to you later Shin! You'll be late for class too, so you should get going. I'll see you at lunch. Promise." 

Without waiting for his response I yank Kaminari with me inside of the classroom, he slips his arm off of me and sits at his own seat, I wave to Kirishima, Sero and Mina first before sitting down. I release a sigh. Shinsou's gonna be pissed.

I love him and everything but he really needs to learn how to get along with everyone. It's not like I can blame the dude, in his eyes it's always just been us against the world. Everyone wanted to get at him and I was the only person to stand by him. I was the only loyal one. 
Maybe I should try and push him to be more social.

Groaning quietly outloud to myself, and slumping my face into my hands with my elbows on my table I feel my whole body grow exhausted at the thought of fighting with Shinsou about making friends. 

If only he could see how many people would like to hear his laugh just as much as I always do.
I'm sure if they just heard him laugh, if they all just saw him smile and relaxed, they would all love him. 

The sound of the classrooms door sliding open catches my attention away from my own thoughts which only felt like a swarm of flies.

Aizawa Sensei trudges in, shutting the door behind him. Everyone watches as the Pro-Hero makes his way behind the podium.

He waits for the room to be quiet, which takes no time at all, before he begins to speak. 

"Good work on yesterdays combat training." 

His compliment nearly makes my heart stop, a smile spreads right across my face to the point my cheeks hurt. I just got a compliment from EraserHead. I can die happy. I can die so happy, I want that comment engraved on my grave stone.

Then I remember yesterday's training. I did jack shit. I can't die yet, I need to prove myself. I need to earn that compliment! Wait for me EraserHead! I'll earn it!

Stupid Todoroki and his god complex!

"I saw the video, and results," Aizawa Sensei continues, "Bakugou, you're talented, so don't act like a kid."

Oh shit, called out.

"I know." Is all the spiky blonde could answer back with. So BombBoy's name is Bakugou. Adding that to my list of people to remember.

"And Midoriya," Broccoli shudders in his seat, putting his focus on his shoes, "You settled it by breaking your arm again, Huh?" Aizawa Sensei says, casually looking down at the stack of papers in his hands.

"You can't keep saying you can't help it because you can't control your quirk."
The messy black haired man lifts his head, staring directly at the embarrassed boy, "I don't like saying the same thing over and over. As long as you'll be able to  fix the control issue there's a lot you'll be able to do. Feel the sense of urgency, Midoriya."

The green haired boy perks up at this, a big grin plastered to his face and his eyes wide with determination, inspiration even. 

"Yes, sir!" Midoriya responds with, letting the new found determination flow into his tone like an unforgettable tune.

"Now let's get down to some homeroom business. Sorry about the late notice, but today, I'll have you decide on a class representative."

That was a lot more underwhelming than I was expecting, but anything that Aizawa Sensei asks of me to do I'll be excited for. He's so fucking cool, I wish Shinsou could be here to bask in EraserHead's superiroity with me.

Immediately though, Kirishima outbursts with, "I want to be class rep! Pick me!" His eagerness was like a smack to the face.

"Me too!" Kaminari joins in.

"I want to do it too." The girl with purple hair and earbud plugs for earlobe is putting her hand up now too, almost challenging Kaminari. I try and hide my giggles.

"It's a job made for me-"


Ashido nearly launches me out of my own seat with her volume.

Everyone starts trying to talk over one another, creating a messy jumble of noise. I however, don't say a thing. I feel like it'd be too much stress on my shoulders and I'd be worrying every waking moment about if I screwed up. So, definitely not a job for me to fill in for.

I'll just sit back and watch the chaos unravel.

After a while of screaming matches, Iida overpowers them all, "SILENCE, PLEASE!" Everyone ceases their actions, looking over at the stern teenager.

"It is a job with the serious responsibility of leading others."

Shouldn't he do it then?

"It is not a job for just anyone who wants to do it, it is a calling that requires the trust of those around you. If we want to use democracy to decide on a true leader, then we should hold an election to choose one."

He definitely want's to lead them all.


We ended up doing his voting idea. We wrote down who we wanted to be elected and then tallied it all up at the end. My vote, went straight to Iida. I don't really know much people here, but I know all the people in my friend group in class... could never take the job serious.

Maybe Kirishima if he really tried, but Kaminari? Hell no. Not even Ashido, and she's my girl!

Iida seemed like he wanted it to most anyway, so it couldn't hurt...right?

But, I was the only one to vote for Iida because he was an idiot and voted for someone else.
Our class representatives ended up being Midoriya, which was formally known as Broccoli, and Big Boob Lady who I now know as Yaoyorozu. 

 I turn my attention away from the composed girl and the anxiety ridden boy. I stare at Iida, he looks bothered, and disappointed in himself. I feel bad for the dude. I'm sorryyyyy I tried to elect you! I wish I could tell him that right now to make him feel better.


Our last class before lunch was English, when the bell rang to signal for us all to go to the cafeteria, I was still struggling with a worksheet.

"Are you coming to lunch L/N??~" Ashido asks, almost hopping over. She stands behind me leaning over me looking at the sheet half filled out.

"Ashhiiidooooo!" I whine out looking at her with the best sad eyes I can muster. "I hate this class." 

She pats my back with much more power than expected, "Shhshshssh, it's ok queen, don't let your crown slip. Why don't you work on it later boo?"

Releasing another groan of pure sad frustration I put my arms over my head, "....okkkkayyyyy."

"Atta girl!" She gives another hard slap to my back which makes me flinch and let out a gasp. In return she giggles mischievously. That beautiful woman! She was doing it on purpose! I take my arms off my face ready to yell at her in a teasing way, but I'm met with an empty room.

Giggling to myself and shaking my head at the silly girl, I start to pack up all my pens and pencils into my bag, I stuff the incomplete work sheet, giving it a look of distaste and a good middle finger before I zip my bag up and slip the strap up on to my shoulder. Taking my phone out, I'm about to text Shinsou to meet me on the roof when an alarm goes off. 

"All students please evacuate outdoors promptly."

An unexplainable surge of panic courses through me.

What the fuck is happening?

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