Chapter Nine

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I've been getting some comments recently tellin' me that Shinsou's first name is Hitoshi, not Shinsou. WHOOPSIES, I'm debating with myself to go back and retype his name but like- Shinsou sounds cuter XD I dunno, would you guys like it if I changed the name around? Also, my computer has completely broke so I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes

"Shinsouuuu!!!!" I latch on to his arm, "You're too fast with those damn legs!"

He smirks at me looking down, "They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue."

I smirk back wiggling my eyebrows, "But my legs were toooooooooo long."
"EVERY DAY IS LEG DAY! MONDY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY!" Shinsou and I scream in unison, "THIGHS," "CALVES ALL THE WAY!" We laugh at eachother's stupidity, screaming a dumb song in front of the top tier hero school in Japan you must be pretty dumb yet iconic. And we both are.
"Ready for a full day of learnin' in the ol' noggin'?" I grin tapping the temple of his head. He cracks a gentle smile staring at me. With a nod he opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted.

"L/NNNN!!!" I get glomped on my left side, "OOF!" I say from the impact, looking over my shoulder I see Ashidou's pink happy face grinning cheekily. "Hey Ashido!" I smile at the bubbly girl, "Hi Hi!" She looks at Shinsou who has now stopped smiling and looks pretty uncomfortable, "Who're you??" She asks curiously.

I grin proudly hip bumping Shinsou, "This here is my grumpy Mister Frowny Faced best friend Shinsou Hitoshi." I poke fun at him, he sends me a glare. Ashido laughs, "Is this the guy you keep leaving us for?"

I nod, "The one and only, if he doesn't get attention he becomes restless." "I'm not a fucking baby or a puppy." "To me, you are." "I'm scary." "Can't see that. You're a floof." He groans and scratches the back of his neck that's starting to turn red. Ashido bursts into laughter, "You guys are soOOOO cute together!!"

"Together?" I nervously sputter out along with a small chuckle. "Hell yeah girl friend! Screw shipping you with Kaminari you and Hitoshi got it goin' ONNN!!!!" She releases me making hip thrusts with a big grin.


"I mean you flirted all the time so..."

"Ashidoooo!!!" I whine hiding my red face in my hands shaking my head back and forth. She laughs at me most likely pointing. I feel an arm around me, but not from my left...from my right. Slowly I lift my head to see a flustered Shinsou staring down Ashido, "Tell that Charger to fuck off." He mutters. Ashido squeals, "He's protective too?! OH MY GOD GIRL MARRY. HIS. ASS." She claps between words. I squeeze my eyes shut, "A-Ashido stop!!" I groan, feeling myself press into Shinsou more. She just smirks and giddily laughs running off yelling, "CAN'T STOP LOVE L/N!!!"

With my jaw unable to close from surprise I slowly look at Shinsou, he's staring down at me with red cheeks and a clenched jaw, "Sorry 'bout her..." "It's fine, it's not like we haven't gotten this before." He rolls his eyes muttering a, "damn you Mom and Dad..." under his breath. I choke out a laugh biting my lip to try and contain it. Shinsou gives me a crooked smile chuckling.

We stop outside of the doors and look at each other, big smiles and red cheeks on both of our faces, "See you at lunch?"

Shinsou offers a curt not, slipping his arm off from around my shoulders and trudging inside. I take a deep breath and follow, walking past his class and going straight to mine. I sit at my seat and tap my foot as the time tiks by. Not everyone's here yet and classes haven't started so I have time to kill.

And to do that...instead of trying to learn everyone's name... I make up stupid nicknames. I crane my head to the back of the class. And go from person to person in each row.

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