Chapter Five

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Song: Sports by Beach Bunny

"If you fall I'm not catching you." Shinsou grunts staring at me with arms crossing over his chest. "Shhhh, if your parents catch us up this late we'll finna die." I hiss at him as I balance myself on the edge of the counter to swipe the back of chips his parents hide for themselves. "Yeah yeah, just hurry up Y/n."

"I'm doin' the best I can man," I whine quietly, The tips of my fingers just grazing the bag of chips, As I feel myself fall backward my hand latches on to the chip bag. Though Shinsou said he wouldn't catch me, he very much did, I grin and hold up the back of chips proudly.

He rolls his eyes, "Whatever... Let's just go." He starts sneaking back towards the stairs, I follow behind him, trying not to make any noise or crinkle the bag between my fingers. When stepping upward the annoying sound of the bag scrunching seems to be the loudest thing ever.

Shinsou, who was a few steps ahead of me, looks back with terror spreading on his face, I have the same amount of terror. Silently we agree to book it back towards his room, the bag crinkling a bit but we were already diving towards Shinsou's bed before it could even think about being the loudest thing in the hallway.

Shinsou closes his door very slowly and as quietly as possible. Grinning with the bag of chips in hand I open 'em up, the smell of the probably chemically produced cheese from the Dorito's filling his bedroom. Shinsou plops down next to me and pulls his laptop closer to us. Resting our backs against his wall, huddled close with the bag of chips we start watching The Bee Movie on his laptop.

"Smash or pass?" I gesture to Berry B. Benson. "Definite smash," Shinsou confirms with a playful smirk on his tired face. I laugh as quietly as I can, picturing Berry and Shinsou having cute couple moments just makes me laugh harder, I flail a bit.
Shinsou chuckles and eats some of the Doritos. Calming down from my laughing fit I continue watching The Bee Movie with my best friend. 

After a while, I feel my eyes grow heavy but I stay up, looking over I see Shinsou look like he's nodding off as well, but snaps awake only to start nodding off again. Smiling gently I pause the movie, "Should we sleep?" "No, I'm not tired." "Psh, liar." I stick my tongue out and close his laptop, setting it on the floor along with the bag of chips. "Bedtime." I yawn and reach over to grab my blanket from my bag.

Shinsou groans, making me giggle. With my blanket in hand, I position myself on the right side of the bed which is next to the wall. He lays on the left getting comfortable under the covers, it's fairly dark out so I can't see much. I put my blanket over myself as well as snuggle a bit under his bed covers. Shinsou gets under the covers, his face turned to look at mine. We stare into what we can make out of each other's eyes in the darkness of the night. "Goodnight Shinsou." I hum sleepily.

"Yeah...night Y/n." I shut my eyes, knowing my slightly insomniac of a best friend will probably stay up a bit more before sleeping. My body feels light as I drift off to sleep. The body heat of the boy next to me and the clear smell from him and his sheets of mint.

A comforting mint smell that has always made it easier for me to fall asleep.


Waking up at Shinsou's house isn't unusual for me. Waking up next to Shinsou isn't unusual for me. What is unusual for me is for Shinsou to get all touchy. Not in the sense of groping, no, just...

Never did I think I'd wake up to his arm and leg draped over me, I can't even move. With my cheeks heating up more and more I look around for help, all I can see for help though is one of his many cats sitting on his window sill.

The cat is a beautiful black cat with white fur around his neck, he has no right ear and stares at me blankly. What's his name again...Right! Eraser!

I open my mouth to ask Eraser for help but I feel Shinsou shift next to me, I think he's going to take his arm off from around me, but then he ends up rolling his body on to me. Now being crushed under his weight I stare at the ceiling feeling hopeless.

I let out a dramatic last breath which is answered with a raspy chuckle. This bitch-

"You're awake?!" 

"I guess I am."

"Get off of me you butt!" I squirm, earning another raspy chuckle, finally, his body rolls off of me. Being the extra person I am, I gasp for air in a dramatic fashion reaching my hand out to the ceiling. Shinsou simply slaps my stomach that was revealed from my shirt lifting in the night. Letting out a squeal and curling into myself protectively hugging my stomach I glare daggers at my best friend.

He laughs at me, "I'm just getting my revenge from last night." Shinsou sticks his tongue out, "Whatcha mean??" I look at him confused. I don't remember pranking him or teasing. Why would he want revenge? Shinsou yawns, "You clung to me all. god.damn.night. It's summmerrr, I don't need more heat." He whines and stands up from his bed stretching out his tired limbs.

My eyes can't help but wonder his body, being careful to not undress him with my eyes. His shirt is still oversized just like it was back then. His shorts are less baggy on him and now hug his hips. From looking at him it's easy to tell he's fairly scrawny. He isn't the buffest of boys and doesn't have a big masculine build. he is only scrawny.

With a thin tired face. I wonder if he ever let his eyes wander my body. I blush and hug myself a little tighter imagining that. His back is facing me, it's not like he has a quirk where there are eyes on the back of his head. Besides...he's my best friend, it can't be that embarrassing. Shaking my head the topic of his eyes wandering my body still clings on.

My eyes trail to my legs, my stomach churning at the scars stretching the length of my S/C flesh. I'm lucky they weren't blown to bits but unlucky that they left these nasty scars. I wish they would just fucking disappear. it's annoying having to have a longer skirt than the rest of my classmates or wearing thick leggings just so I won't get bullied.

I had to be the last one out of locker rooms during gym or use the stalls. They're ugly. Prying my eyes away from the wreck of my legs I look at Shinsou who is rummaging through his dresser, "Get dressed Y/n we're going for a walk."

"Cat Cafe?"



"Just get dressed." He rolls his eyes. "I didn't bring clothes with me-" And with that Shinsou launches his clothes at me. Still braless but... I guess if I just wear the hoodie I brought with me over everything it'll be fine. Heh, that'd make for a fun movie, The Braless. Like some horror film.

Shaking my head and sighing I stand up grabbing my hoodie. With his clothes and my hoodie in hand, I go to the bathroom. I close the door behind me with my foot and start stripping and dressing into his sweat pants and a big light purple shirt that hangs loosely on my frame. 

Not even his shoulders fit every inch of this, how does he expect me, someone, who is smaller than him to make this fit. I grumble incoherent swears at Shinsou under my breath as I tuck the shirt into the sweat pants and pull over my baggy hoodie with the words in big white bold printed on it, 'ERASERHEAD' Then his trademark yellow goggles sitting on his capturing scarf slanted.

Shinsou and I got matching hoodies for Christmas, I occasionally see him wearing his, I wear mine frequently, not because it is EraserHead merch or because it's super comfy but because it's nice to know this is something I share with the person closest to me. 

A smile stretches across my face as I exit the bathroom, a pair of beat-up shoes were left by the door. Probably Shinsous. I stomp into them, they're bit tight but they'll be fine. I peek into Shinsou's room, no sign of him. He must be downstairs.

Walking down the smooth steps, I catch a strong scent of musky flowers and medicine. When I get to the bottom step I see Hajime Hitoshi ruffling his son's hair with a giant smirk while Shinsou swats at Hajime's hands like a cat while his face turns a beet red. 

Quirking an eyebrow I open my mouth to speak but Hajime beats me to it. "Mornin' Y/n." He gives me his usual tired smile and as always he's holding a cup of coffee. Which he doesn't really need because of his quirk No Sleep.

His eye bags are heavier and darker than Shinsou's and like Shinsou, they share the same kind of messy indigo hair. "Goodmorning Hajime!" I wave to him. "Do you want breakfast before you two go out on your date?" Now I see why he was smirking. He sips his coffee like what he just said was the normalist thing in the world.

"It's not a date!" Shinsou hisses glaring at his father. He storms over to me and grips my wrist before dragging me out the door. My jaw is hanging open unable to come up with a reply or to yell at Shinsou for dragging me so harshly.  Before I know it I'm outside walking along the sidewalk with Shinsou to an unknown location. 

Finally returning to reality, I tear my wrist away from Shinsou's painful grip. "Jesus, you sure your quirk isn't having cat claws?" I tease revealing the red marks on my wrist from the pressure of his nails.

"Ha.Ha." He rolls his eyes with a small smile. He slows to match my pace, his eyes flicker to the sweater I'm wearing which leads to a soft chuckle rolling off his tongue, "Really? You wear that too much."

"Oh well, It's nice." I stick my tongue out, "Anyway, where we goin?" I ask looking around. It was fairly early in the morning, a few birds were singing but it was still basically sunrise. I wasn't complaining though, it was pretty to see the blues, oranges and pinks swirl together like a Picasso painting.  

"Not telling." He smirks, and ruffles my hair, "Just follow, Bed Head." Shinsou teases. I whine and slap his hands away trying to pat down my untamed H/C hair. "I hate secrets...and surprises. They make my stomach die." I pout. "Too bad, your stomach will perish."

I jab his side making him laugh and flick my forehead, I just laugh along. Moments like these I wish would last for an eternity. It's just me and my best friend and no one else. Just us. 


"You hECKER, why do I have to be blindfolded?!" I groan when he puts his hands over my eyes, but still keeping us walking. soon he stops. "Because it'll be more dramatic and cliche." He chuckles and slowly counts to three before taking his hands off of my face.

I choke on my gasp at the sight of a completely cleared off beach. My hands cover my mouth, I remember this beach. It was this city's personal dump; anything you didn't want you'd leave it there. Which is a shock I haven't found my Mom putting Dad in here. Shade intended.

But now...every speck of trash...ever single disgusting smelly heap has completely disappeared leaving the prettiest beach I've ever seen. The waves crash on to the shore and retract bringing sand and any loose rocks or shells with it.

 "Shinsou..." I breath out, "How- when- Did you do this??" I turn to him with an amazed face. He scratches the back of his neck and shakes his head, "Nope, I haven't visited this beach in months. The last time I did was with you, remember?" His eyes stare out at the ocean, a pleasant smile on his lips.

I do remember. I do remember that day, it makes me laugh honestly of how ridiculous it was. I got to the bottom of only one of the kids that picked on Shinsou behind his back. So... with the power of Shinsou and I, we hauled that kid's desk all the way here and slammed it into a big pile.

I got in trouble, but I made sure to leave Shinsou out of the story. It was fun...

"Heh, yeah I do." I giggle, "Yeah well, I was passing by here yesterday and I saw how clean it was. Remember what you said to me before we left that day? 'This beach would be so much prettier if it was clean'? Well now it is, so I thought you'd want to see it."

My eyes widen and I launch at Shinsou in a hug, he let's out a small scream of surprise, stumbling on to his back in the hot sand. I laugh, "You bet your ass I do!"

He stares up at me with a look like I have two heads, before chuckling and shaking his head,

"You're so weird."

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