Chapter Six

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Song: If The World Was Ending by Jp Saxe (Ft. Julia Micheals)
Your P.O.V.

Two months. Almost two fucking months and Shinsou and I have heard NOTHING. I was starting to get anxious and give up hope, to say I was bummed was an understatement. Doing something I don't normally do, I sit in my kitchen eating with my parents.

I never eat with my parents anymore because all they do is bicker but I could care less, it feels as if nothing matters if one of us doesn't get in. My silver fork pushes my bacon and pancakes around my plate, making them drenched with the syrup around the plate. "Honey, what's wrong?"

Only sparing Mom a glance, I wanted to blurt out at her to stop using such a fake soft tone, but I don't. Instead, I look back at my drowning breakfast and sigh, my head resting in my hand, "Nothing..."

"Well, that's a lie." Dad chuckles lightly, turning the page of the newspaper. Why are they suddenly all warm and cuddly? Do they not realize I have ears and hear all their fights? Do they not realize that I know the things they don't want me to know?

Do they not realize I know they've fallen out of love with one another and me?

Do they not realize?

I just let my fork slide into the syrup and stand up, which causes my chair to squeak against our tiled floor. "I'm going out." "Oh, to Hitoshi's?"

"I dunno, maybe, maybe not." I shrug. I did want to go over to Shinsou's but what if his family is having breakfast? And I mean a real breakfast with a real family, one where they all have the same plate of food and talk happily with each other in real tones while drinking from matching mugs. Maybe Shinsou makes a joke and they all laugh. 

Smiling, like a real family.

Thinking of this makes me so jealous, I don't want to take Shinsou's place, no way. I just wish I could have a family like that. And not such a broken one like this. I quickly turn on my heel and slip on my flip flops before leaving my house.

My eyes can't help but look at Shinsou's house and wonder all of that all over again, a sigh escapes my lips as I pry my eyes away to look at my mailbox. Wouldn't hurt to peek. Chewing on the inside of my cheeks I walk towards it, pull the door of it open and stare.

Bills...Bills...What's this?

My hand reaches in, shoving aside the bills and magazines, grabbing a hold of a white envelope with a red stamp over the flap. There ungraved is the letters, UA. My breath gets lodged in my throat, I gasp out and literally jump for joy, I let out a scream and pump the letter and my fist into the air, "FUCK YEAH! H-Holy shit! Sh-SHINOU!" I scream and bolt to his mailbox, not caring how it's illegal, I open his and find the same letter. Careful to not get it mixed up with mine I rampage into his house. 

Mihoko yelps a bit, when she sees me tumbling into the kitchen panting, sweating and grinning wide. My heart is beating so fast and I quickly shove the letter in Shinsou's surprised face, "Shin! LOOK! FUCKING! AHHH!!" I squeal, Immediately he swipes the letter and stands up. 

"Go open it champ!" Hajime grins, an arm around his wife who grips at her heart from the scare.  I can barely get out an apology before Shinsou literally lifts me off the fucking ground over his shoulder, charging up the stairs into his bedroom. He tosses me like a sack of weightless potatoes on to his bed. 

I shake with nervousness and excitement, "You go fir-"

"Fuck no, you open yours!" Shinsou yells slamming his door shut. "Ok, OK!" I can't stop the grin on my face as I tear open the letter revealing a small circular device. About to poke it I scream out of being startled when a hologram appears of none other than Principal Nezu.

Principal Nezu is someone I've learned about during research on this school, he looks like a small white rat or maybe a mouse? Well, a mouse or whatever he is in a suit. And there he is, in a hologram explaining to me the whole process, how many points I got in each exam, and finally...he get's to what I've been waiting for.

"Y/n L/N with how much points you've gotten from both exams you... are in class 1-A! The Hero Course!"

With that the projection of the mouse principal dissipates into thin air, leaving his voice echoing through Shinsou's room. With wide eyes, Shinsou and I stare at each other. I launch at him with a hug trying not to sob. "You did it...Holy shit." He breaths out. "Open yours!" I scream at him, retracting from the hug. 

Shinsou messily rips his open, the same disk appears and the hologram of Principal Nezu has projected again. He goes through the same thing, how many points Shinsou wasn't looking so good for the practical exam.

Nervously I bite my lips, my hopes high, my prayers repeating over and over in my head of having him in the Hero Course. He deserves it. Come on. He deserves it world!

You've thrown enough shit his way!


"Shinsou Hitoshi, with how many points you've gotten from both exams you..."

Deserves this...

"Are in class 1-C! The General Department!"

As the hologram disappears we're left in silence. A thick brooding silence. My jaw hung open unable to fathom any words or attack him in a comforting hug. All my excitement from before has gone away with a snap of a finger.

And I felt angry, angry with Principal Nezu for putting him in that fucking class, angry with UA for making it so not every course is the hero course, angry that I passed and he didn't.

He deserves it! I don't! 

"...get out," Shinsou speaks up, his head hung low and his voice cracking. "Shinsou..."

"I SAID GET OUT!" Shinsou screams throwing the disk at me, flinching I let the disk hit me. "I'm so sorry-"

"Don't feel fucking pity for me! You have no idea how I feel! You have no idea what it's like to have this happen, every single god damn time you think 'things are looking up' BUT HERE WE ARE! we are." 

I bit my lip watching the purple-haired boy rake a hand through his bedhead locks, his distress clear on his face.
Bending down, I gently picked up the disk, trying my best to hold back the tears that so desperately wanted to escape.

"I said GET OUT!"

"Would you just listen! I'm trying to help you!"

"Help me what?! Huh L/n!? You gonna make it all better?" His voice was laced in sarcasm as he took a step closer, inching towards my face causing me to step back, " Are you gonna give me a juicebox?! Huh?! Yeah, I'm sure that'll be just fine now that you're a HERO!"

It hurt to hear him not to use my first name, more than I'd expect.

"Shinsou! Would you cut it out! We can figure this out! I'm sure that if you explain your disadvantage in the exam that -"

"That I'll get accepted? Rich! You have no idea what it's like having a villain quirk! Do you L/N!? It's torture! Every day of your life is altered because of the way others see you, you have no choice but to listen either..."

"That's not true- you can prove them all wrong! Show UA what they are missing by putting you in general studies!"


"YOU DON'T THINK I REALIZE THAT!?!?" By now the stream of tears had made their marks down my S/C cheeks, the frustration showing on my face as it was growing red. "IF I COULD I WOULD GIVE YOU MY SPOT IN 1-A!" I groan frustratedly, pulling slightly at my hair.

"I have no idea how to help you and it's killing me as much as it is you... I don't want to throw this opportunity away but if it means that you'll get in instead then I wouldn't hesitate to do just that-"

Feeling my breath hitch in the back of my throat, I choked out a sob seeing the look in Shinsou's eyes, one that was full of rage, on that I have rarely ever seen before. The only difference was... it was directed at me. And me alone.

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