Chapter Three

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I feel like a certain electric numb nut boi is a...bit outta character? Oh well XD
Song: Monster by Dodie

Your P.O.V.

"Woahhh!!!" I beam as Shinsou proudly shows me the mask he thought of, "Shinsou!!" I practically squeal in his ear from leaning over behind him to get a clear view of the piece of paper with the detailed sketch. "C' mon you HAVE to get into U.A NOW!"

"Obviously." He says with a dry chuckle. "Have you planned anything at all?" He looks up at me, I flop my arms over his shoulders as I lean my body weight against the back of his chair, "No not really...What costume would even go well with explodo plants? Hey if the hero career doesn't work out I could be a pretty nasty villain to gardeners."

He laughs, "You wanna explode their crops?" "And those flower gardens too." I shake my fist in fake anger, "You damn gardeners, I'll show you what this hoe can really do."



"Did you just-"

"Yes, I just unintentionally called myself a hoe CAN WE DROP THE SUBJECT?!" I huff smiling at him dopily. "You're so weird." Shinsou groans rubbing his tired eyes. "Wanna nap?" I tilt my head, he just shakes his. "Nah. I can't fall asleep while you're over."


"Cause you're the guest." "I feel honoured." He rolls his eyes with a smile stretched on his face. I smile so happily at him and walk backwards until I flop on to his bed, "I'm so pumped for U.A." I exasperate, "We're so gonna pass!"

" will."

"Yeah, both of us." I hum. "No, you will."

A chilling silence surrounds our conversation now, "Wh-Wha?" I sit up and stare at the back of the desk chair, "What do you mean Shinsou?! Are you not entering."

"No, I'm just saying I'm probably not going to pass. I'm just saying it how it is, the entrance exam will probably have a physical part and there's no way someone like me could ever pass that." He spins around in his chair to meet me eye to eye.

His purple eyes holding a cold seriousness that makes me want to envelop my dear friend in a hug, "Shinsou..." I breathe out, "What's up with you? Why're you suddenly thinking like this? Even if there is a physical part you still have a chance, y-you can't give up before you've even tried." I smile gently at him.

He scoffs running his fingers through his hair, "Easy for you to say, born with a strong quirk like that... you've never once been through what I've been can't understand what it's like to have a quirk like mine."

"Your right I can't..." I lower my head, "I know you have to train so much harder than other's but Shinsou!" I reach forward and clasp his hands in mine, I stare deep into his shocked tired eyes, "Promise me you won't give up! I know you of all people can become a hero!" A small smile makes its way on to my face. "You're making me say real cheesy stuff right now, but Shinsou please don't say this... all that you've gone through I've always been on your side, yeah?"

He slowly nods, I continue, "I know I won't ever understand how it must feel to be in your shoes but I've witnessed it and it doesn't look too pretty...but your quirk is amazing! And you need to stop filling your head with such lies because you will pass and I'm sure of it. " Still holding his hands with one of mine I bring another up in a fist form and gently tap my knuckles against the temple of his forehead.

"Don't give out on me, Kay Shinsou?"

"You've been watching too many dramas." He smiles a little, "But whatever, Kay." We kind of smile at each other, feeling my words had picked away at the coldness leaving a warm atmosphere. Slowly though we look down to where my hand grips his. My cheeks flush a little, "ah, sorry-"

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