Chapter Eight

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"You're going to abandon me, I know it."

"Shinsou, I will never abandon you!"

"Yes, you will. You'll find better friends and then look at me and go, 'Oh him?' and then walk away."

I stare at him baffled, quirking an eyebrow in his direction as we stop outside of the big building. "Shinsou." "Y/n." "I will never ditch you because you're my best friend." I gently tap on his temple, his purple eyes linger on my smile that I give to him. "...You're lying, I know you're just a clone." I groan throwing my head back, "If I was a clone how do I know that in third grade you thought you were a cat so you squatted every time you-"

"Shut the fuck up, don't bring that shit up." He pushes my face away, I laugh into his palm and remove his hand, "Fine, Fine. I won't finish it if you stop saying that I'm gonna ditch you." "Whatever...fine." I pump my fists into the air, "FUCK YEAH!"

My eyes move to look at our whole future. Our future right at our feet. "..You wanna go in first?" I ask gulping down my nervousness. I need to stay strong. Though I don't really feel that strong in this uniform. I couldn't with the tie so I just kinda... let it hang loosely and the blazer isn't buttoned up so it doesn't squeeze my organs out of me. I have a longer skirt than the other girls that walk past me and my socks are to my mid-thigh, thick black socks that are already making me sweat. But it's better than to get eyes prying at my scars.

"We go together." Shinsou stares and hikes up his bag, I quickly hook my arm with his and hold my breath giving him a nod. Shinsou stares at me before moving forward, I move with him. Arm in arm past the gates. Shinsou looks pretty nice in the uniform like it's meant for him. My grip tightens on his arm but I force a smile on to my face and determination into my eyes. We enter the huge glass structured school. As we enter inside I take notice of how the floors are so clean I could see my reflection. Shit! Shinsou didn't say my hair was so bad.

"So..Your class first."

His lips twitch and his eyes droop. "Yeah." He speaks with no emotion behind it, Yet I know how he feels. I hate myself for getting in, this should be his spot, not mine! HIS!

But I can't do anything to change's frustrating.

We walk in silence yet everyone around us is buzzing with chatter. I just hold him closer glimpsing at his face every so often to catch his expression. Tired...he's very tired. "You're gonna do great." I whisper to him, "You're gonna be at the top of your class a-and you're not gonna think about me once, ok? It's your turn to go 'Oh her?' and continue being the fucking best. and-"



"We're both gonna be like that."

"R...Right, Uhm... I'll see you at Lunch right? You'll sit with me?" I chew at my lip staring up at him. He nods a small smile on his face, "Yeah. Just stop giving me that pitiful ass look. We're here."

I look in front of me, a big sliding door titled on it, 1-C General Studies Department. My stomach twists with guilt, slowly I release his arm only to pull him in for a bone-crushing hug. "Jesus Y/n we'll see each other at lunch."

"I know, I'm just so proud of you." I let go of him and grin, "Kick ass Shinsou."

"Kick ass Y/n."

With that, we part and I begin walking toward my class, I keep looking behind me to see he's still there, staring at me, I wave, he waves and turns his attention to the door. And with a brave look, he opens it and disappears into the room. I look in front of me and walk. And walk, memorizing where I'm going and the route to Class 1-A I spent so long staring at in the map I was given.

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