Chapter Thirteen

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Sorry if there's any spelling mistakes!! Thank you all for the support :))) Shorter chapter this time. Much love to you all <3

Song: O My Heart - Mother Mother

"I'm sorry sweetie, Hajime is having a rough time at work and we can't really handle more than this guy right now." Mihoko smiles deviantly at Shinsou who sucks in his cheeks giving her a small glare

"That's fine, really it is Mihoko! Thank you for having me over." I smile to the woman who tugs at her sons cheek playfully only earning a complaining groan from Shinsou. 

"Anytime hon, I hope to see you again soon."

I nod giving a small wave before closing their front door behind me. I stand on their doorsteps for the bit, staring out at the street and the darkened sky. Stars were starting to come out and the moon began peering at me from behind it's clouds. Taking a deep inhale of the cool evening air, I tread my way across their lawn to my own house. I look at the garden Mihoko has started, which was neat and beautiful as she is. Shinsou's whole family is beautiful. 

The car isn't on the street anymore, it's tense presence it caused has lifted, but it's almost like it's replaced when I see Mom's in the driveway. The lights were on in the house, glowing an orangey yellow light on my face the closer I got. Taking another breath of the evening air I slowly turn the handle to the door and walk in.

"Who were you having coffee with!"

"Y/n! I already told you I was having coffee with Y/n!"


I cringe. He's throwing me under the bus, gee thanks dad. I tip toe, trying to sneak to the stairs, my plan almost succeeds until my father says,

"See look! She's home just ask her."

Freezing in place, I slowly look over to my father who stands behind the kitchen's island and my mother who is in front of it. She whips her whole body around, arms crossed over her chest and brows furrowed.

"Well, Y/n? Did you have coffee with your father."

I swallow hard, my heart pounding in my ears. My father puts his hands together in a pleading motion, mouthing to me 'Say yes'.

"Well?" Mom steps closer, the bags under her eyes look like a deeper shade of purple than yesterday. Her face is wrinkled and sucked of energy, and her eyes...are hopeful. I can practically hear her screaming on the inside for me to say yes as well, for her to be convinced that my father isn't having an affair.

So, with a sheepish smile forced to my face I nod my head. "Yeah, I asked dad today if I could try his coffee so he just made me a cup for myself and we drank some together."

My mom stares into my eyes, searching for any fault in my lie. Her shoulders relax a bit, and her back straightens, she looks back at my father silently with an unrecognizable look on her face.

She drags her feet towards the cupboards, starting to pull out ingredients to cook with. My father and I watch her, I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. 

"...We need salt."

"...Do we?"

"Yes, can you go get some?" My mom glances at my father, who yawns. "I have an early day tomorrow, I don't want to waste the gas in my car so..."

"Well I can't go get it. I've been busting my ass off all day to provide money for the family and even NOW I have to cook for you two!"

Her shoulders weren't slumped back anymore. I could just see every tense position her muscles were in.

"Just go get the salt! Fill your car up on the way back!" 

"It's expensive!"

"I'm fucking exhausted!"

My body trembles a little, my hands slowly starting to cover my ears. I felt frozen in my place, like the soles of my shoes were combining with the wooden floorboards making me unable to run up the stairs that I so badly yearned for.

"You're impossible! I ask you to do such a simple thing so you can eat and you start arguing with me?!" My mom snaps tightening her hold around a box of rice.

"I'm just trying to be prepared for the morning!"

Stop screaming. Stop it. Shut up.

"For fuck sakes can you for once-"

I can't take this anymore.

"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP?!" I blurt out, my hands by my side. This caught their attention. Both of their jaws seem to hit the floor when they hear my sudden outburst. Their eyes wide with consternation. 

"I'll get the damn salt! Oh my god you two drive me crazy! If you don't love each other than just say it! Stop putting me in the middle of it all, I can't take it anymore!" And with that I dash out the door. I slam it behind me and run down the darkening streets. My face and eyes are burning, the wind now hitting them from how fast I was running didn't help either. 

I ran and ran until I couldn't hear them calling my name from our doorstep any longer, I couldn't feel the glowing light of our house leaking to the outside world, and most of all, I couldn't recognize my surroundings. 

Slowing my pace down, I pant like a dog without water. I can't believe I just did that. I hold my face and groan into my hands. It's dark out and I probably should have watched where I was going... but there's no helping that now.

I stop in the middle of the street, taking a good look around. Oh, I'm actually close to the convenience store. It's near the park where Shinsou and I sometimes visit, I continue walking in the right direction, my arms finding their way around me in a hug. The attempt to keep my body warm from the cool air was pathetic but it was enough to convince myself it was working.

Eventually I saw it, the 24/7 open convenience, with it's green glowing sign that flickers slightly on the roof. The orange glow from the windows already made me warm up. I pull open the glass door, the chime of the bell above is the first noise to hit my ears. There was a grumpy teenager behind the cash register who looked like they wished to be anywhere else but here on a Sunday night.

I can't help but feel sorry for the cashier, I would hate to be working so late. I walk into the store, glancing at the limited aisles. My eyes scan the writing quickly of the items I pass until I see a box full of salt. Larger than what we usually buy but salt nonetheless.

Reaching for the box, my hand collides with another. "Oh, sorry!" I quickly say looking up to see the person I bumped into. My heart nearly stops. Squinting my eyes to try and process or even disprove what I see I stare at them.


The pale face girl stares at me, her mouth parted like she has something to say but can't think of the words. Her beautiful black locks went past her shoulders but still is able to frame her face so perfectly.

"...Y/n." She states. I haven't seen her in ages. I only remember seeing her in the first year of middle school and then she just..left. She never appeared, never attented classes. I hate her for how she treated Shinsou back then but it's been so long that I don't think it's right for me to hold a grudge.

So, I smile awkwardly at her. "How've you been? It's been so long since I've last heard or seen you."

When she's about to open her mouth to answer a boy steps in. He grabs her arm, "Come on Nana we need to hurry."

The boy has firey red hair, spiky like flames. He's dressed in a dark green hoodie and shorts with a stern expression. Nana closes her mouth and nods. She stares at me before grabbing the salt and walking away with him to the counter. He was also from my kindergarten. I remember his hair. He hurt Shinsou as well. 

What are they even doing..?

I watch as the two pay for their things and then speed out of the store. They left behind an ominous feeling. As much as Nana hurt Shinsou and much as I felt betrayed by her I'm still going to worry when she's ushered out of a store by a boy who looked near panicked. She didn't look as strong as she had been. Something was different. Something was wrong and I could feel it.

Nana what are you up to?

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