Chapter Twelve

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Song: Last Night by Ricky Montgomery 
(love his music so muchhhh)

There's a sinking feeling in my stomach when Shinsou and I arrive home, a car I didn't recognize was parked on the side of the road. Refusing to park into the driveway as if to have an excuse that no, there wasn't a random person in our home right now. It was slim and a pale gray, shiny car, with a bobble head pineapple on the dashboard.

Shinsou and I glance at each other, standing in front of my white door with the paint chipped handle. "...Do we go in?" He questions staring down at me with unsureity deep in his eyes. The corners of his eyes lift, but not because he was smiling. It was a look of dismay, eyebrows furrow, lips curling up in disgust and his eyes squinting.

I don't respond to him, I take a deep breath, and clasp the doorknob, twisting and pushing the door open as I always have. Laughter is the first thing to hit me, laughter and coffee. 

"We're home!" I call out, slamming the door hard behind Shinsou and I. Shinsou sharply sucks in air through his teeth, cuing me to understand that he doesn't feel good about this at all.

"H-Hi honey!" My dad calls from the living room. I hastily get my shoes off, trying to walk and take one off would have been disastorous if Shinsou wasn't here to grab my arm and stable me. I breathe out a thank you before speed walking to the living room. My dad sits on the black faux leather sofa, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, he's dressed  in a nice white button up and clean jeans. I can't even remember the last time he shaved- but there he sat with a face clear of facial hair. 

Across from him on the love seat a woman sits, she looks kind of young, like too young to be hanging around my father. She gingerly smiles, fidgeting with one of her golden brown ringlets that frame her face.

"...Who's this?"

My dad seems to malfunction for a second, I can see his brain slowly working and raking for an answer that would satisfy my curiosity. "This is the woman that runs that new coffee shop-"

"Mari." The woman interjects, standing up quickly, dusting off her knee length cream coloured skirt, she sticks her hand out to me. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Y/n..? It is Y/n, right?"
My stomach churns looking at her hand, hesitantly I shake it a smile stretching across my face. I've spent years perfecting a flawless fake smile in an attempt at fooling Shinsou. It's funny how it can fool everyone but him. 

"Yeah, it's Y/n."

I can feel Shinsou loom behind me, I can feel the intense aura and tension he's building up on the inside. Mari releases my hand and goes to shake Shinsou's. Shinsou doesn't even try to lift up his own though, he doesn't smile, his face is stone cold and filling with judgement.

Mari laughs that off awkwardly, sitting back down, "Little grouchy I see, that's ok! I used to be like that too when meeting new people."

"...No offence, but what are you doing here?" I  blurt out. I don't even know if I want an answer, maybe ignorance would be better, blissfully going about my day without any answer to my question. 
 My heart pounds so hard. I didn't want the truth. I wasn't ready for the truth, not out loud, not from my dad.

"Oh well, I invited her for some coffee, wanted to prove I was able to make a brew as good as hers." My dad laughs making Mari rolls her eyes a bit, "As if! Yours was only semi bearable."

Her response sends my dad into a chuckle, giving her these longing looks with his eyes and his cheeks turning rosy coloured. I felt my throat tighten. When as he ever given mom these looks, these passionate stares while they both laugh like nothing in the world could ever stop them. Why does he laugh with Mari?

"I'm taking Y/n back to my house, sir."

Dad barely looks at us, "Do whatever, say hi to Mihoko and Hajime for me."

Shinsou puts an arm around my shoulder, guiding me away from the living room. My feet drag along the floor, my eyes casting down. I was trying to remember how to breathe, how could I have ever forgotten? I've been doing it all my life yet now is when I forget? 

"In 4 hold 4 out 4." Shinsou mutters, stopping at my front door. "Sit. Just breathe Y/n." he whispers but it's drowned out by the laughter of my father and Mari. I slowly crumple to the ground, sitting and trying to breathe. Just breathe. Just breathe.

Shinsou slowly slips my shoe on to my foot, "Look at me." His voice is deep, soft and deep and familiar.

Swallowing hard I stare into his dark purple orbs, "Breathe with me." He's kneeling on the floor in front of me, keeping eye contact even as he gently takes my other foot to fit that one into my sneaker as well. He inhales deeply, I inhale with him. We hold the breath together and then, the exhale. We repeat this a few times, never breaking our eye contact and never missing a beat. We're in perfect sync... I feel my muscles relax. 

Shinsou takes my hands, standing up and helping to pull me to my feet. We exit my house, my once unbearably silent home was overflowing with laughter that could only sound sadistic to me.

I squeeze Shinsou's hand, he squeezes back. We silently enter his home. "...Are you ok?"

"...I dunno. I'm just..." I bite at my lip staring hard at the wooden floorboards in Shinsou's mudroom. "...Why does it have to be this way... He's in love with Mari isn't he Shinsou? He's fallen out of love with mom...fuck."

My eyes squeeze shut for a moment, demanding a halt on any tears threatening to fall from my burning eyes. "...Go upstairs to my room, I'll be there in a minute ok?"

Snapping my head in his direction I give him a panicked look, trying to convey what I was screaming on the inside. Don't leave me alone right now. 

Shinsou slips his hand away from mine, gently tapping the temple of my forehead, "Cats will keep you company dumby. Now go, I'll be up in a minute. I promise."

"Ok..." Sighing, I listen to his request and drag myself up his stairs and into his bedroom. What is that fluff head up too..?



10 minutes later the door to Shinsou's room is flung open, I'm hugging one of his many cats to my chest, laying against the headboard on his bed. Looking up from the tabby in my arms I stare bewildered at Shinsou.

The insomniac of a boy throws a warm blanket at me, "Warm blanket for the depressed," He sets a tray of food down, "Food for eating your feelings," rummaging in his pocket of his shorts he pulls out two face mask sheet packages, "skin care to cover up the fact your life isn't put together,"

By now I'm giggling like an idiot at his whole presentation of items. 

"Annnnddd," The boy snatches his laptop, "Movies to judge."

I smile wide at him, "....Thank you."

He smiles sleepily, plopping himself down beside me. Taking the blanket he throws it over both of our shoulders, sitting all close to me. Though this is not really something I'd like, the warmth of the blanket and the warmth of his own body due to the blazing weather... I could care less. He cared. He was trying. No one ever tries for me.

"When did you get so sweet?" I tease.

"I've always been this sweet, it's like a hidden talent of mine. Feel blessed."  He jabs my side with his eblow, wearing a shit-eating grin on that beautifully sculpted face of his. Rolling my eyes, I let him search for a movie while I already begin eating the food he's prepared, he had a vegetable tray, sandwiches, fruits, cookies and even sushi. One of the things I've learnt from being over so often is there is never a sushi shortage. The Hitoshi's practically have it every single night and rightfully so. Mihoko's sushi SLAPS.  I never knew loving a mothers cooking until Mihoko's sushi.

Shinsou sets up his laptop out in front of us, he put on All The Bright Places. Romance movies were fun to watch with him.

We bundled together, our attention captured by the film. 

"Why do all romance movie main characters just have zero personality other than, quirky quiet girl that likes books."

I snort a bit, "Have you ever met someone like that?" Shinsou sucks in his cheeks a bit, furrowing his eyebrows and looking upwards. He makes a popping noise with his mouth, grinning tiredly, "I thought I did."

"What do you mean??" I look at him curiously, he looks at me with that little dazed smile of his. "When we were in kindergarten, I thought you were a quiet quirky bookworm girl. You were always drawing and reading. I remember you got really really upset because some guy accidentally stepped on a book of yours." 

My face starts to burn from past-me's embarrassing endevours. "Bwaahh! I remember that. I started crying and trying to square up with him."

Yeah I remember that, maybe I shouldn't since it's kindergarten, but It was a very important book. My mother had given it to me at the time and it was a much more advanced book for any little kid to read so I felt very grownup. I felt superior in my reading level and wore that with pride.

Shinsou snorts, "Oh my god, do you remember the guy in Middle School? The one who had a spaz over you accidentally knocking his book off his desk and losing his page?"

"That was totally my fault though, poor guy was at an important part of the story. I felt horrible." I laugh guiltily.

"He made you get on your knees and apologize, he took it too far."

I shrug, "I wonder if he ever finished that book."

"He probably didn't..."

"Why's that?"

"... I may have..used my quirk a little."



"BAD!" I gently smack the top of his head, "Did you mind control him to rip it up?!"

"What! No! I mind controlled him to throw it into the fire! Why would you think so little of me Y/n? It's offensive."

I shake my head at him, "Malicious man you are."

"You haven't ended our friendship, so I can't be that bad."

I bark out a laugh, grinning from ear to ear and putting my attention back on the movie. 
"Not that bad at all." I feel myself snuggle more into his side, eventually he puts his arm around me to let me get closer. We sit in the unbarable heat of the summer day, the blanket and our own bodies. Sweaty, but neither of us could have been happier.

It's strange how that works.

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