Chapter Four

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Song: Out Of Love by Alessia Cara
Your P.O.V.

A whole month after the entrance exam...Thinking back to it just makes me cringe. I was 99.9% sure I flunked the whole entrance exam, I tried to destroy as many as those dumb robots as I could, but the terrain was a city! I had to search for those office plants hoping they were real so I wasn't just chucking a pot of dirt and plastic at huge robots that could crush me without even trying.

I can't explode dirt which is really annoying, so I don't think I got many points from the physical exam. But the Writing Exam... I shudder just thinking about it. I was panicking internally the whole time, sometimes I just guessed the answers. At one point of my panicked looking around the room to see if anyone finished, Shinsou and I met eyes, His face was calm and had no ounce of worry. He takes his pencil and taps the side of his forehead where I always tap him as if to tell me to calm the fuck down.

It helped a little...

But it's been a month and I haven't heard anything, thankful Shinsou is in the same boat as me, but it'll be an even bigger bummer if he doesn't pass rather than just me not passing. It's his dream and he more than anyone deserves to make his dream a reality...he deserves it...

I let out a sigh and slump against my wall, suddenly hearing a new argument spark up between my parents. "Are you seriously upset because I didn't do the dishes?"

"Yes, I am!"

You're so dramatic, mom...

"It's just dishes!"

"I do everything around here! Everything! I cook supper, I work, I keep the house clean, the least you can do is do the fucking dishes!"

Yeah, dad...

"The least you can do is not fool around with other men! You don't think I didn't see boxers under the bed?!"

Damn mom...

"You have got to be kidding me! I didn't fool around with anyone! You're the one that fucks it up with other women!"

"I do NOT!"

"What about that coffee shop slut?!"

I hang my head, my knees tucking closer to my chest as I put my hands over my ears. "Just stop talking..." I mutter closing my eyes, the less I knew the better. "Just shut up..." my hands grip at my ears. I wish I could just rip them out, then I wouldn't have to hear them bicker. I know they love each other... I know they do. 

Or maybe they didn't, and they're just really good actors...

It's possible to fall out of love right?

I should just ask Shinsou or Mihoko, I'm sure they'd tell me if it's possible or not. Though do I really want to know? I wonder if they fell out of love with everything...including me... 

It feels like my nails could rip my ears off at this point from how harshly I grip at them. My eyes slowly flutter open, tiredly looking at my window, a small smile brimming my lips. My window was directly across from Shinsou's and his light was on. Maybe I could just sneak out and go to his house. 

Taking a deep breath I take my hands off my ears and walk to my window, sliding it upwards to open it, His was open as well, I could see the tufts of his purple hair. Cupping my hands around my mouth I scream for him, "SHINSOU!"

Slowly those tufts of hair move. His face appears in the window, drowsy and confused, he holds his ear a bit, "Loud much!" He yells at me, an unenthusiastic look taking over his features. "Shinsouuuuuuu, Can I come over!?" I call to him, he gives me a very quizzical look but holds up one finger as if to tell me to wait. He leaves for his door and disappears out of it. I wait at my window for his return.

I can't help my mind to drift to Shinsou being a jealous little shit at the entrance exam, what was up with him then? He's never acted like that before...maybe he was just trying to be a protective friend?


Must be it.

Shinsou soon comes back and yell at me, "You can come over!" I give him a thumbs up and turn to start packing things, trying to block out the screaming competition in the background. I pack my phone, a hoodie, a blanket and my charger. I quietly creak my door room open, their voices getting loud, I quickly go back into my room and close the door, my heart beating out of my chest.

I scramble for my phone and quickly plug my earbuds into it, push the earbuds in my ears and play blasting music until I can't hear them anymore. This will be a little better. I begin to leave my room again and avoid the kitchen where they seem to be fighting. No matter how much I want to swipe some snacks for the road I know I'd get caught no matter how heated their argument is. I quickly leave the house and shut the door as quietly as I can. My body shakes a little from being able to hear their muffled voices even with the music. I grip my back and scamper over to Shinsou's house.

Not bothering to knock I just open the door and walk in, shutting it as quiet as I can. I didn't wear shoes so I had nothing to take off of my feet. Heading upstairs to Shinsou's room, my mouth feels dry and my body shakes more. Why now?

Are you seriously going to have an anxiety attack over your fucking parents fighting... 

Flashbacks of their harsh words towards each other and them threatening to leave fills my mind, I almost fall on the last step but I catch myself and walk into Shinsou's room. He lays on his bed, looking at me with a bored ass expression on his face.

But to my surprise does a complete 180 into the most worried expression I've ever seen on him. He leaps to his feet and seems to ask me something but I can't hear him. He grips my shoulder and takes out one of my earbuds, then takes out the other. My security blanket... no... I'm not home, it's gonna be ok to not listen to music.

"Y/n??" He says in a slightly panicking tone, "Huh? What?" I look at him confused. "You're crying and shaking." He says firmly. I reach up to my face. He's right, I am crying. "Oh," I laugh it off and wipe at my eyes, "I'm alright, don't worry you're little floof Shinsou." 

"Stop that." He glares at me, a really unhappy glare. "What?" I look at him confused. "I don't get you Y/n," He snaps a little at me, "Why can you protect me but when I try and protect you, you won't let me. Just let me dammit." 

My bottom lip quivers and I look at him with wide eyes and a sad smile. "Sh-Shinsou..." I breathe out, my bag slips from around my shoulder and drops to the floor, "Can I hug you?" I ask him. His breath hitches and hesitantly he puts his arms out. I practically tackle him in a hug, holding on to him for what seems like dear life. My hands clench a fist full of the back of his shirt and I shove my face into his chest.

I feel his arms protectively wrap around me, his head rests on mine, "...What's wrong?" Shinsou asks I shake my head in his chest, "I don't know..."

"Yeah ya do."



"My parents."

I feel his hold tighten on me, and his hand stroke my head, "They fighting again?" I just simply nod. "I should just brainwash them into shutting up." He snarls. My question from before pops up in my head, I look up at him, causing him to move his head so he can look at me too, "Shinsou?" I croak. "Yeah, Y/n?"

"Can people fall out of love?"

Silence fills the room, Shinsou slowly let's go of me, just gripping my shoulders. "Yeah, people can fall out of love."

I feel myself deflate at the reality of the situation, my parents have fallen out of love. "That's unfair..." I mumble. "The worlds unfair." Shinsou stares into my eyes and I stare back into his. A new question popping in my head, "Do you love me as a friend Shinsou?"

I can see his jaw clench and his pale cheeks gain a small blush, "Of course I love you as a friend." He practically whispers. "Will you fall out of love with me?"

My heart clenches, awaiting his answer. He shakes his head, "How could I? You're friend." Slowly Shinsou brings his fist up and gently taps the temple of my forehead, "Best friends.." I echo with a small smile, "Shinsou?"


"Can I have a juice box?"

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