SPECIAL CHAPTER: A gift from heav-! Jashin!

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This is not part of the story! Just a special chapter to satisfy my imagination and ideas.

Have fun!!

Again. This is not part of the story.

Hidan felt bored as he wait for Kakuzu to return. Kakuzu is currently collecting a bounty and told Hidan to stay.

"F*cking Kakuzu. I'm not a f*cking dog." Hidan grumbled as he sat on a large stone in the forest. He suddenly became alert as he heard a long piercing scream from a distance.

Hidan went towards the location of the scream and heard fighting from the distance and was entranced by what he saw when he looked at the clearing. A long red haired ninja with a mask, who appears to be from konoha, slitting the throat of the Ame nin, blood splattering around him.

Hidan saying to himself that Atsuko was chosen by Jashin sama. Hidan, filled with glee (maybe a little turned on), watches the ninja kill the others with ease. Weaving around the others with grace.

Hidan joins in the fray thinking of all the destruction and blood. Cackling as he kills ninjas after ninjas with his scythe.

Atsuko noticing a new person joining the fight but dismissed it, focusing on finishing his mission.

With blood splattering around, one would notice the two ninjas killing the Ame-nin. Their techniques are opposites. The red haired ninja is silent and kills everyone with precision while the other is messy and kills the enemies with glee.

After killing everyone in his side, Atsuko looks at the person who joined in and saw a slicked back silver haired ninja slicing the remaining ninjas with a sadistic face. He noticed a scratched Hitai-ate from Yugakure.

Feeling a burning stare at his back, Hidan looked back and saw a pair of rubies, hiding behind the mask, staring intensely at him. He eyed the figure before him from head to toe, and recognized him as the unknown red demon of konoha.

He straightened his position and he walked towards Atsuko with a smirk.

Preparing for the worst, Atsuko changed into an offensive stance. He observed the movements of the rogue ninja, and his eyes widen at the sight of the cloak, black with red clouds. He jumped away from the approaching ninja.

"Stop. Why are you here?" Atsuko hissed as he glared at the approaching criminal.

"Relax sweetheart. I'm just bored and I just happen to see you killing these f*ckers." Hidan motioned to the corpses around them.

Atsuko unsheathed the tanto and hid his other hand from the back. He made a handsign behind his back getting ready to activate one of the seal he placed around the place the moment Hidan stepped foot on one of it.

But Hidan noticed this and teleported behind Atsuko, immobilizing the hand that held the tanto and wrapped his other arm around Atsuko's waist. Hidan noticed that he is smaller that he thought, and has a pale complexion and slim waist. Atsuko's eyes widen behind his mask as he struggled from his hold.

Hidan looked down at the small figure in front of him and it was endearing to look at squirming figure. Hidan leaned his head towards Atsuko, licked the blood on his nape and whispered. "Hey, wanna f*ck later?"

Atsuko yelped when he felt a tongue lick his neck. He blushed under his mask and gathered chakra on his foot. He lifted his foot and stomped the ground. The ground beneath them began to crack and captor doesn't have a choice but to let go of the Konoha ninja. Atsuko turned and swung his tanto at Hidan before jumping away to put a distance between them. Not noticing that his mask was gone from his face.

Hidan grinned at the small male in front of him, blood flowing from his wound due to the tanto. "I like them more feisty. That glare actually makes you look so hot~" Hidan licks his lips while holding a broken mask.

Atsuko composed himself and kicked the taller man. "Leave me alone!"

The silver haired man purred as he landed near the trees. "I love that murderous look in your face."

Hidan run towards Atsuko and swung his scythe. "I bet you would look hotter covered in blood." The smaller male teleported behind Hidan and brought down his tanto, cutting the head off.

Atsuko jumped away and his eyes widen as he watched the horrific scene in front of him. The silver-haired male kept his head in place as it stitched itself back together again like nothing happened. "I was right. Blood really looks good on you." Hidan stared at Atsuko's pale face covered in HIS blood with a predatory gleam in his eyes.

"Why don't you come with me? I'm gonna convert you into a Jashinist. We could find some b*tches to slaughter and sacrifice them to Jashin-sama." Hidan offered as he walked towards him while crazily grinning at him.

Atsuko threw senbons covered in poison that could easily kill hoping to stop him or immobilize him. But Hidan just let it pierce him, knowing that poisons doesn't kill him.

Hidan found an opening and flashed in front of Atsuko. He slammed him on the tree, his hand on the smaller male's neck, loving how his hand can easily cover the smaller male's pale neck.

The taller man towering over Atsuko, his hand on his neck applying slight pressure, and the other pinning his dominant hand above his head.

Atsuko struggled from his position and the next thing he knew a pair of lips on his own. Hidan bit his lower lip and a tongue found its way inside his mouth leaving him breathless.

Hidan removed his hand from Atsuko's neck. He felt the smaller man shiver as he rode his free hand up under his shirt. Atsuko groaned as he felt the taller male press his body closer to his, making him feel his heat.

Hidan broke off the unexpected kiss and hissed as blood dripped from his lower lip. He looked down at the male who bit his lip with a glare. He removed his hand that was pinning the smaller male's hand. Hidan roughly pulled the red-haired male's hair back, exposing his pale neck, and he licked Atsuko's neck.

Atsuko closed his eyes as Hidan's tongue travel on his neck. A moan escaped his lips before he could stop it. Hidan's eyes filled with lust when he heard the soft moans from the smaller male. He bit and sucked on the sensitive part of Atsuko's neck.

Atsuko wrapped his arms around Hidan's neck, his hands tangling on his silver hair. He pulled Hidan's head back, stopping Hidan's assult on his neck. Their eyes locked to each other, the smaller male panting and the other smirking at the vulnerable figure trapped in front of him.

Hidan slammed his lips towards the other's, his tongue exploring inside Atsuko's mouth. The Uzumaki scratching Hidan's back from the pleasure, his knees feeling weak.

Atsuko's demeanor change the moment he felt Hidan stiffen. He broke off the kiss and smirked at the paralyzed male in front of him. He unwrapped his arms around Hidan and stood up straight. The tips of Atsuko's fingers was covered in blood.

Atsuko teleported behind the paralyzed male and admired his masterpiece on his back. A seal painted with blood can be seen. Atsuko picked up his tanto and kicked Hidan throught the tree. Atsuko kneeled in front of the male slumped on the tree, a sadistic smile appearing. He stabbed Hidan with kunais, pinning him on the tree before escaping. He left Hidan, who was struggling to move his body.


A few hours later

"What the heck happened to you?" Kakuzu stared at Hidan's form pinned at the tree before taking the kunais on his body.

Hidan stood up, the seal's effect already gone. The wounds on his body already stitching by itself. "Jashin-sama gave me a gift." Hidan licked his lips as he grinned, his body shuddering with lust as he remembered the sadistic smile of the red-head male.

Author: Okay... i feel a little bit of shame in writing this. I don't even know why I did... but this is what I see happening when they meet okay? Don't judge me! But I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to comment.


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