Enter: Atsuko Uzumaki!

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Heya guys, gals, and everyone in between! I'm back with a new chapter! We are now entering the first episode of Naruto!

I hope you all enjoy it! Now on with the story!

Shisui and Atsuko are sitting under a large tree in the training grounds, tired after training. They watched the sun as it goes down from the horizon. Shisui stood up when he noticed that Atsuko was nodding his head, ready to drift off to sleep.

"Come on, it's getting dark. I'll take you home."

Shisui offered his hand to Atsuko, and he accepted it but he noticed that there is some thick substance in his hand. He looked at their linked hands and saw blood. Worried for his mentor/friend's health, he looked up, only to be surprised when he saw Shisui glaring at him. His Sharingan was activated and blood can be seen dripping down from his eyes

"How could you! You did this to me!" He lets go of Shisui's hand but Shisui took hold of his hand and grips it tightly.

"No no no no! I-I'm really sorry!"

He managed to take his hand off from Shisui's grip, and he stumbled and runs away from him. He looked around for a familiar face while running.

He saw Naruto from the distance with his friends and yelled.

"Help! Nii-san!" Naruto turned away with an expressionless face. He stretched out his hand trying to reach him.

"Don't go nii-san!"

He looked around, hoping for a way out on this endless nightmare when he saw Sasuke playing in the distance.

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" He saw Sasuke scowl at him and like Naruto, he turned away.

Feeling hopeless, he kneeled to the ground staring blankly ahead with tears streaming down his face.

"No... don't leave me alone... I-I can't do this..."

A shadow covered him from the front, and he looked up and saw a pale hand reaching out then he felt something in his forehead.

Atsuko suddenly sat up from the bed with wide eyes. He touched his forehead remembering the last thing he felt in his dream. He felt something wet in his cheeks and realized he was crying in his sleep.

'Oh f*ck. Another nightmare.' This is one of the times that he is really thankful that he is alone because no one would see him at his time of weakness.

After he calmed himself down, he looked at the clock and saw that it was still early. Groaning with annoyance, he stood up from his bed to go to the bathroom. He looked at the mirror and saw tear tracks on his cheeks. He took a bath to freshen himself up and brushed his teeth.

His clothes is a plain black turtle-neck shirt with sleeveless left arm and a pants folded up until to his knee. He wrapped bandages on his left arm and wore fingerless gloves. After his hair dried naturally, he brushed his shoulder length hair, wincing as he encounters some knots. (Author: Read until the end to see what he looks like! :)))))

He went out and looked at Naruto's room, and to his surprise, his brother is already gone. When he was walking away, he stepped on something wet. He looked down and saw bright red liquid. He knelt down to touch the liquid, and immediately scrunched his nose as soon the strong smell of paint hit him. Knowing that it has something to do with his brother, he just shrugged and wiped the paint from his foot and the floor. He cooked himself some breakfast to eat and sealed the three bentos (one for hinself, Sasuke, and his brother) that he made in a storage scroll.

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