The Calm Before The Storm

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Atsuko's POV

It has been almost a year since the birthday party happened. We are back to our normal routine. Well... almost normal. They might not know but I notice the tension in the village. Over the past months, the Uchiha clan has been slowly moving near the outskirts of the village, far from the center. Shisui and Itachi has been busy for the past few days. Since both of them are Anbu, they have been taking missions that would take days. I trust that they would come back since I know they are strong, but I can't help but be worried that maybe they wouldn't come back at all. When the both of then is away, I spend mostly my time with Sasuke. We sometimes train, and sometimes we eat dangos and sulk about how much we miss Itachi and Shisui. And let me tell you, I made another friend in the class!


"Sh*t! I'm late!" I didn't notice that I spoke in English while panicking. I quickly changed my clothes and locked the door. 'Dammit Naruto. He didn't even thought to wake me up!' I felt a little bit of anger bubbling inside of me. I ran with all my might, praying to any god up there that class is not yet starting, but I know deep down that I don't have a chance.

I quickly walked to our classroom and stopped in front of the door. I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled to calm myself. I opened the door and immediately felt all eyes on me. I took another deep breath and bowed down, "I'm so sorry for being late Iruka-sensei. It won't happen again." I kept my head down as I wait for his reply. "It's okay, Atsuko. Just don't let it happen again." As I lift my head up, Iruka gestured to me to take a seat. To my dismay, the seats next to Sasuke is already occupied by his fangirls. He stared back at me and I can see his eyes saying, 'HELP ME!'. I gave him a smile and mouthed, 'YOU CAN DO IT' and made a thumbs up, and I went to a vacant seat. I may not be seated at the front but atleast it is by the window. As I listened to Iruka while taking notes, I noticed a small beetle crawling in my notebook. Intrigued by the insect, I stopped taking notes and observed it. I let the insect climb on my fingers and played with it. I felt a pair of eyes staring at me, observing my movements. As time passes, more beetles was crawling around my notebook and hands.

Shino's POV

When I started in the academy, no one really tried to seat next to me because I'm an Aburame. As the red-headed Uzumaki sat next to me, I glanced at him and saw him taking notes, making me do the same. After a few minutes, I felt one of my beetles crawl near the red-headed boy. I observed him, getting ready to take my beetle back if something happens. But I was surprised as he played with the beetle, I thought that he would be disgusted like the others. I slowly let some of the beetles go to him, and he played with them. I can sense the insects buzz with excitement.

3rd POV

"They are my kikaichū." a monotone voice next to me said. Atsuko looked and saw Shino looking at the beetles on the table. Atsuko hummed and looked back at the insects crawling around, "Only your clan uses them right? I've read it in a book. They live in your body, which is pretty convenient if you ask me." They both continued to talk about his clan and different kinds of insects. And that was the start of their friendship. But Atsuko didn't notice Sasuke's glare as he watch them talk to each other.

Flashback end

Atsuko's POV

Since that day, me and Shino have been talking to each other. His mother apparently likes the idea of Shino having a friend, and told me that I can visit their house sometimes. And Sasuke has been clingy to me. Why? I don't even know, but I feel happy that I can make friends all on my own!

As the class ended, I saw my brother ran out without even looking at me. I said goodbye to Shino and went with Sasuke. As we were talking while walking home, I squeaked as I felt hands slip underneath my armpits and lifted me up. "My cute little student!" A familiar voice came from the person that lifted me up. The moment I felt my feet on the ground, "Shisui!" I turned around hugged him tightly. He lifted me up again and twirled around while I hugged him. "You miss me that much, Atsuko-chan?" I nodded my head and smiled at him. "I missed you both! It has been hard dealing with a sulking Sasuke." Shisui laughed and put me down. Sasuke, face red with embarassment, argued "Hey! You've been sulking too!" I looked around trying to find the other Uchiha. "Shisui-nii, where is Itachi-san?" I saw Shisui's face dim a little for a second before going back to his bright demeanor. "Well, Itachi was needed somewhere really important. But he is probably back at home right now, so we better hurry up."

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