SPECIAL CHAPTER: Valentines day

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This is not part of the story. Just a special chapter. Enjoy! UWU

Atsuko's POV

I was on my bed happily enjoying my sleep when I felt the sunlight hit my face. I groaned and tried to reach my blanket and I noticed that the person besides me is missing. I frowned and went out of the bed, trying to look for him. I saw a letter next to my team picture. I blushed as I read the content of his letter.

'Dear Atsu-chan,

I'm sorry for leaving early in the morning and for not waking you up. You just look adorable while sleeping, and it makes me want to eat you up (if you know what I mean). Anyways, I will be back tonight before you know it. Happy Valentines Day. I love you.

-Your beloved

P.S. Get ready for tonight~'

"I-idiot..." but I cannot stop a smile forming in my face. "I love you too..." I hid the letter on the bottom of my cabinet so no one would see the letter. No one knows our relationship, so we are keeping a low profile. I walked to the bathroom and took a shower. I heard a knock on the door and I quickly dressed myself and answered the door. I opened the door and to my surprise no one is there but a basket full of chocolate and flowers!

"What the..." I was so confused but I took it inside the house. "Who left these here? Maybe they got the wrong address..?" I thought as I scan the items before me. "Hm? What's this? A letter?" I picked up the letter and read it.

'To Atsuko-sama

Please accept our love Atsuko-sama! These are from all of us! They are expensive chocolates all for you!

Yours truly,
Toshi, the leader of your fanclub'

"Oh. So these are all mine then. I should go thank Toshi-san for the chocolates and the flowers, but how did he know my favorite flowers are lilies? Nevermind, I'm glad that I have a friend like Toshi-san." (Author: Yes, Atsuko is a little bit dense.)

I put the lilies in a vase and the chocolates in the refrigerator, I took one and pop one into my mouth, "Not bad..." I then changed my clothes and tied my hair to get ready to go outside. I locked the door and walked down the street. My destination, the Hokage's Office.

3rd person POV

As Atsuko is walking down the street, he didn't notice the stares of the people as he walked pass them. Atsuko is wearing a red traditional yukata and it shows his thin waist and lithe figure. His long red hair is tied in a bun that shows his soft unblemished skin. But what took the attention of the people is not his figure but his smile. His smile shines so brightly and it looks so peaceful. The people can't stop looking at him as he walks towards the tower. Hiding in the corner is an adult man that is watching Atsuko as he walk. His name is Toshi. "A-Atsuko-sama looks so perfect today~" he trembles as he grins.

When Atsuko is walking, he suddenly thought, 'Maybe I should give my friends some chocolate for today.' He went to the market and bought some chocolate for everyone. He then continued walking to the tower. As he entered the tower, he smiled to everyone who passed him. Some smiled back and some blushed as they saw him. He knocked on the door of the Hokage's office.

"Come in!" He heard a voice call out. He opened the door and, "Hello Naruto-nii" The blonde haired hokage smiled brightly as he saw his brother. "Atsuko-chan, I'm so glad to see you!" He stood up from his chair and quickly approached his brother, and hugged him tightly. "I missed you very much, Atsu-chan!" Atsuko patted Naruto's head and chuckled, "But nii-san, we just saw each other yesterday. Why would you miss me?" Naruto hugged his brother tightly and said, "It's because you live apart from me now." He pouts as he looked down on me. "I'll visit your house from time to time and you should finish your paperwork, Hokage-sama." Atsuko grins as he heard Naruto groan because of all the papers stacked in his desk. He hugged his brothef one more time before going back to signing the papers. Atsuko approached his desk and left a chocolate. "Give yourself a break Naru-nii." Atsuko prepares to leave the office but pauses, "and congratulations for being an upcoming father." He smiles brightly as he closed the door leaving Naruto looking at the closed door with a smile.

The moment Atsuko closed the door, he balanced himself as he bumped into someone. He prepared to apologize but his face lit up when he saw the person he bumped into. "Konohamaru-kun!" He hugged the boy tightly before letting go. "How are you doing, Atsuko-nee?" Konohamaru has habit of calling Atsuko 'nee-chan' when he was still a child. "I'm fine, Konohamaru. I see that you've just returned from your mission. Going to see Naruto-nii? Konohamaru shyly nodded as he looked at Atsuko. "Then don't let me stop you. Oh! And Happy Valentines Day, Konohamaru." He gave some chocolate to him and kissed his forehead, and walked away. Konohamaru was left blushing in front of the door holding the chocolate with one hand and the other covering his forehead.

He went straight to the ramen shop to greet Teuchi and Ayame. But to his surprise, a black haired man wearing a black cloak is already there with a pink haired woman. "Sasuke! You're back! And hello there Sakura." He smiled and took a seat next to Sasuke. "Atsuko! It's nice to see you! Do you want the usual?" Teuchi grins and asks the moment Atsuko took a seat. "Yup! Make it a large, Teuchi-san!" He smiled at Teuchi as he went back to the kitchen to make ramen, Atsuko turned to the couple, "So, you two having a date?" Sakura blushed and tries to hide her face while Sasuke just looked away. "Don't worry~ I'm not here to ruin your day." He gave them both some chocolates, "Happy Valentines and enjoy your date~" He left some money and some chocolate for Teuchi and Ayame." Sasuke and Sakura looked at him with confusion as he left the stand. "But he didn't eat his rame-" They were suprised when they looked at the table, it is an empty bowl of ramen. "Hahaha! That's Atsuko-chan for you! He never cease to amaze me!" Teuchi smiles fondly.

Atsuko has been going around the village to visit his friends and give then chocolates. He went to the Nara's compound to visit Shikamaru, Kurenai and her daughter, Choji, Ino and Sai, and Kiba. He went to the memorial stone to give respect and white lilies from the Yamanaka flower shop. Seeing the sun beginning to set, he decided to go back home.

He went back to their home but realized that he is still alone. 'He told me that he will be back tonight, I'll just cook dinner for later.' He went to their room and changed his clothes with a sweather and shorts that shows his legs. He tied an apron and began to cook while humming. After a while, he heard the door open and smiled to himself. He felt strong arms snake around his waist and lips on his nape. A deep voice behind him spoke, "I'm back, Atsuko." Atsuko turned off the stove and turned around to face the man. He put his arms loosely around the man's neck and pecks his lips.

"Welcome back."

Who should it be?? I haven't decided yet uwu

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