Friends and Mentors

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Author: I'm very sorry guys and gals! I have been very busy. And I haven't been able to make a chapter but here it is! I hope you enjoy the chapter!

The Hokage visited us often and I find it very hard not to like him for he makes my brother very happy. I hid the hatred that I feel about the village for treating me and my brother like trash. And personally, I think I can be a very convincing actor at this point. I made an image of being a quiet child, which is the opposite of my brother's personality.

In my past life, I was an observer rather than an active person. And apparently, it followed me through this life. I started to observe and analyze people in the village. Like the lady that I always see gossiping, I noticed that she is always with a different men but she have a ring on her finger.

My time on the academy isn't that exciting at all. It was what I expected, my teachers always glare at us and students ignore us. I noticed that our teacher have been teaching me and naruto wrong things, like stances for taijustsu and the for throwing shuriken. It is a good thing I met someone to teach me.


I am not that good at physical exercises at my past life, because I rather exercise my mind. My body feels like a limp noodle, even a wind can blow me away. I can't even practice at school because I know that the teachers there hates us. So, I always go to the training grounds to practice throwing shuriken and to run laps.

One day, when I went to the training grounds, I heard metal clashing with each other. Being a curious person that I am, I hid behind the bushes to see what is going on. As I peeked behind the bushes, I saw two teenagers fighting each other. But the longer that I observe them, I noticed that they are not trying to hurt each other. They must be sparring each other. I was so fascinated on how fast the boy with the shorter hair was moving that I didn't notice that the other was gone. When I felt the sun being covered up, I looked up and saw a pair of black orbs staring back at me. I screamed very loud and hastily backed away.

"I-I'm very sorry for disturbing your training! I won't do it again! I promise! Please forgive me!" I unconciously kneeled down and covered my head. I waited for a blow in my body or an insult but nothing came. Opening my eyes and looking up, I saw that the teenage boy was looking at me with concern and sadness. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." Hearing his soft voice made me relax a little. He slowly walked towards me like he is approaching a wounded animal, and crouched down. "Do you want to come with me to meet my friend in the field?" He asked offering his hand. I warily looked at him, contemplating if his friend would not hurt me too like him. Making my decision, I nodded and took his hand as I stand up. The corner of his lips curled up as I shyly went near him. We quietly went out to the field where I saw his friend waiting. I hid behind the legs of the long haired boy to hide myself from the other.

"Is that our pretty little stalker, Itachi?" He kneeled down on my level to get a look at me as hid myself. "My name is Uchiha Shisui and that guy is the great Uchiha Itachi and he is my cousin. What is your name?" He grins trying to lighten the mood. "My name is Uzumaki Atsuko.." I muttered my name but I knew that they heard me. "So what is a cute little girl like you doing out here? Are you a fangirl of this stoic guy?"

'Girl..? GIRL!! Did he just assume that I'm a girl?! A fangirl?!' At this moment, I can feel my blood rising up to my face.

Shisui's POV

Looking at the child hiding behind Itachi's legs, I can finally see the little girl clearly. I noticed that her pale skin have little cuts and bruises. Her tomato colored hair is messy and has leaves stuck in it. Wanting to know who this little girl is, I asked, trying to tease Itachi, "So what is a cute little girl like you doing out here? Are you a fangirl of this stoic guy?" As soon as this question get out of my mouth, I saw the girl looked down and noticed that her body is shaking. With the thought that I made her cry, I instantly panicked and went near the little girl and i saw Itachi slowly move away in the corner of my eyes. "H-hey, are you okay? Please don't cry." I reached out my hand with hesitation to comfort the little girl. But the moment my hand touched her shoulders, I felt a sharp pain in my hand. My mind didn't register what happened, the girl slapped my hand away! I looked down at my hand with shock then my eyes traveled up to look at the girl, but instead of tears, I saw her glaring at me.

I looked at Itachi and saw him with an amused face. I heard the kid's voice "...ot a girl." I looked at her again, "W-what?" I can't stop myself for stuttering, what kind of ninja is afraid of a little girl. The girl glared at me with those red blood eyes, "I said. I'm a boy. Not. A. Girl." Wait what. I looked at the gi- I mean boy, and I felt sweat dripping down my face as I saw his short hair floating behind him. 'Maybe this is a genjutsu.' I whispered, "Kai..." but the hair is still floating like he is in the water. With no idea on what I should do to this situation, I turned my head at Itachi and silently asked for his help since he has an experience with kids. I moved away as I see Itachi calmly walk towards us, he kneeled down to be of eye-level with Atsuko. He poked the boy's forehead, and the anger in the boy's eyes was replaced with surprise as his hand went to his forehead where Itachi poked him.

Itachi's POV

I watched everything happen with concealed amusement as Shisui made a fool of himself. But I would not blame Shisui for mistaking him as a girl. Unlike other boys, he has a petite frame and pale skin like he hadn't seen the sun for all his life. I saw Shisui look at me asking for help, so I kneeled in front of the boy and poked his forehead like what I do to Sasuke. I felt the boy flinch and his hands went towards his forehead to cover it. He looked at me with wide eyes, surprised on what I did to him. After a few seconds, the boy or I should call him Atsuko, I saw his hand cover his face but I didn't miss the red climbing up to his cheeks. 'Maybe he is embarassed.' He stuttered out an apology to Shisui.

After a few minutes, both of them area sitting down on the grass. I heard Shisui asked Atsuko on what is he doing here. Then Atsuko told the story on where he wanted to practice but he saw us.

"Why don't you practice at the academy, you are a student right?" Shisui asked with a confused face.

"Well... the teachers don't like us anyway. They are trying to teach us different stuff but I noticed that they don't teach it to others, just to me and my brother... but its okay, I'm used to it." he quietly replied. I felt angry and sad on what he told us. Angry on how they treat the Uzumakis and sad because I can see that this is normal for them, to be treated differently. And I can feel that Shisui also feels the same as me.

"Then where is your brother, Atsuko? You should not be alone, something could happen to you." I could see that Shisui is worried about him.

" brother is with his friends and left me alone... I'm not friends with them so I don't have anybody to spend time with.." Atsuko answered while he lowered his head like he is ashamed.

Shisui looked at him with determination like he thought of a great idea. "Then we could be could be your friend!" Atsuko's head snapped to him as he declaired this. "R-really? You want to be my friend?" Shisui nodded and pats his head. "Yes! We could also teach you some things we know!" Shisui grinned and I saw Atsuko's red orbs travel to me, so I nodded and the corner of my lips curled up.

Atsuko's POV

'Friends? I'm going to have friends? Is this real?'

My eyes travelled to Shisui and Itachi, I saw Shisui grinning and I locked eyes with Itachi and he nodded like he agreed with Shisui. I felt tears starts to fall, but I couldn't help but smile widely and hug Shisui. I felt Shisui hug me back, but instead of being uncomfortable with the hug, I leaned on him and buried my face in his clothes.

End of flashback

And up to this day, Itachi and Shisui has been teaching me how to properly throw kunais and basic ninjutsu, and has been correcting my taijustsu. Shisui has been teaching me more since Itachi has been taking a lot of missions and he doesn't have time anymore but if he does, he always takes me to eat dango. Shisui told me that Itachi has influenced me on loving dangos. I have opened up to them more, and I think that Itachi knows that I am smart or something because he always gives me books before goes on a mission. Not ordinary books but books about the history of Konaha, medical books, plants and flowers, and informations about chakra. Oh, and since I am friends with Itachi and Shisui, Me and Sasuke have this kind of a friendly relationship.. I think he hates but I really don't know. I just feel him staring at me at class, but he sometimes talk to me. I can see that Naruto is drifting away from me slowly, but if he's happy then I am happy. Besides, I have friends now and they are cool.

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