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I died... Yes, i died. But not the way you think.

My name was Akito Kaoru. I had a brother that I love and adore.

My mother died when my little brother was born. I would be devastated but she never loved me anyway, but my father loved her so much that when she died he became depressed. He followed her 1 year later and left me to take care of my little brother. I swore that I would do anything to keep my brother safe and happy.

At the age of 10, I was at home cooking meals for my 6 year old brother instead of playing outside. I was 14 when i was teaching my brother his homework. I was 20 when i watched my brother graduate highschool. And I was 24 when my beloved little brother killed me...

My light... my sweet little brother... my own blood ended my life.

I was walking home when suddenly, I felt someone push me, and the next thing I knew... I was lying on the road, feeling something wet and sticky around me. The last thing I saw before the world became dark was my brother... my sweet beloved little brother looking at me, grinning.

I knew I would die someday, but i didn't expect i would die this way, my brother killing me. But at least he was happy before I died...


Woo! That took a lot of feels! Please tell me what you think so far. Thank you for reading this first chapter!

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