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Eyo guys, gals, and everyone! I'm back! Read until the end for some announcement!


"Konohamaru-kun, are you bothering jii-chan again? He is getting old you know. Look, he can't hear you anyways cause he is already old." Atsuko looked at the Hokage with a mischievous smile as he entered the office.

Hiruzen felt an arrow hit him when he heard what Atsuko said about him. Konohamaru perked up when he heard a familiar voice.

"Atsu-nee! Atsu-nee! I met someone cool today!" Konohamaru excitedly tugged his nee-chan's hand towards him.

"Really? You seem really cheerful today. Did you have a lot of fun without me?"

"Boss is this cool guy that beat jii-chan and Ebisu-san with this special jutsu! And he taught me how to use this jutsu! I'll show you nee-chan!"

Atsuko stepped back and watched Konohamaru make a handsign. 'That handsign looks familiar'

"Here we go! Oiroke no Jutsu(Sexy Jutsu)!" Atsuko's eyes widen at the familiar jutsu and immediately covered his eyes.

He heard a chair falling down the floor and a poof. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Konohamaru laughing.

'Is that the hokage bleeding in the floor?'

Atsuko gave the hokage a weird look before facing Konohamaru.

"Does this 'boss' of yours have yellow hair and wears orange clothes?"

"Yup! Do you know him, nee-chan? He also have this whisker marks like yours" Konohamaru gestured to Atsuko's cheeks.

With a wistful smile, Atsuko agreed. "Well Konohamaru, I know your boss really well. He is my older brother." He whispered on Konohamaru's ear.

The little boy lets out a gasp and with a sparkle in his eyes, he excitedly told Atsuko everything he did today.


The genin graduates, including Atsuko arrives at the academy for their orientation. Atsuko and Sasuke are seen sitting together at the front. A stampede of girls happen to see the vacant seat next to Sasuke, and decided to fight for the seat.

Naruto noticing the attention that Sasuke has been getting from girls, gets up on top of the desks and glares at Sasuke.

"What are you doing nii-san?" Naruto glanced at his brother for a second before going back to glaring at Sasuke.

'Its always Sasuke this, Sasuke that. What's so special with Sasuke-teme.' His eyes widen as he felt a push on his back and the world tilted around him. And the next thing he knew is a hand between him and Sasuke.

Naruto jumped away from Sasuke in haste. The latter looked down at the hand covering the bottom half of his face, and looked towards the owner besides him. He nodded gratefully to him and Atsuko takes his hand off Sasuke's face. Atsuko shook his head with disappointment while looking at his brother.

The girls started to clench their fist while a
dvancing towards Naruto.

"Naruto! Look what you almost did to my Sauke!"

"You're gonna pay for that Naruto!"

"Hey. What do you plan on doing to my brother?" Everyone's attention went towards the owner of the voice and saw a pair of ruby eyes glaring at the girls, daring them.

The door opened and Iruka told everyone to sit down. "I'm here to tell your team placements."

Everyone began to whisper to each other, excited on being a team with their friends or Sasuke.

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