The red in the sea of black

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3rd PoV

His bright colored hair stood out on the sea of black. Clutching the flower he is holding in his hand, he silently stood at the back.

As the time pass by, the people left one by one. He walked forward until he is in front of the coffin. For a long time, he stood there, just staring blankly at the familiar face inside the frame. He laid down the flower that he is holding tightly in his hand with the others. Suddenly, he felt a weight on his head. He looked up and he saw Itachi staring down at him.

"I'm sorry."

When Itachi uttered those two words, Atsuko was hit by reality and felt his world break. All the emotion he has been keeping inside overflowed. For the first time since the news, tears started to fall continuously from his eyes. He hugged Itachi as he wailed for the death of his older brother. Itachi looked down at the crying child that his friend adored and protected. He felt his heart break as he remembered the last words his bestfriend told him.

"Itachi take care of our little princess for me."

'Don't worry, Shisui. I will do whatever it takes to protect him and Sasuke.'

As Itachi carried Atsuko away, all that is left is a coffin with a red rose in the middle of the white lilies.


True to his promise, Itachi and his family took care of Atsuko. He spend most of his day in the Uchiha household than in his own apartment with Naruto. When Atsuko was going to drown in self pity, Sasuke is always there to cheer him up. Mikoto teaches him how to cook or sew just to take his mind off on what happened. Even in school, he never felt alone because both of his friends, Shino and Sasuke, are always with him. If the Uchiha brothers are busy, he takes care and plays with baby Konohamaru in the Hokage's office. Due to continuous missions, Itachi begun to spend less time with his brother and Atsuko. When he comes home in the evening, he will be gone next morning. He would sometimes, leave dangos for Atsuko before he left.

There was a day when Sasuke came to the classroom with a troubled face. Being a worried friend, he moved to let Sasuke sit next to him. As he looked at Sasuke, he knew that something bad happened.

He asked, "What happened, Sasuke." Sasuke was not surprised that his bestfriend immediately knew that something was wrong. Atsuko knows almost everything about him.

Sasuke slumped his body on the desk, "Father got mad at nii-san last night." Atsuko's eyebrows went up with surprise as he knows that Fugaku rarely gets angry at Itachi. "Why would your father get mad at him?" Sasuke sighed, "Because my brother beat up three members of the clan." In Atsuko's silence, he continued. "I heard that those three guys accused nii-san for killing Shisui-nii. Then he got mad, beat them up and stopped when father came."

Atsuko felt his anger bubbling inside him. 'How dare they accuse Itachi-san for killing nii-san!' But he pondered, 'Why would Itachi-san beat someone up like that. Its not like him to do that... Something is definitely wrong here.'


3rd PoV

Almost two years have passed, everything was almost the same. Most of Atsuko's things are in the compound since he might as well live there for all the time he spent there. He will just leave some food for Naruto to eat before he go like he always do. Mikoto taught him a lot of stuffs whenever he stays with them. He learned about making tea, sewing clothes (which is pretty helpful since no store want to sell him clothes), flowers, and writing. But little does he knows that all those things that she taught him are what she learned in kunoichi classes. She wanted to have a child to dote on, since her eldest is always away and his youngest is with her husband, probably teaching the Great Fireball Technique. Nobody can blame her for teaching little Atsuko these thing, 'He can use what I taught him in the future. I've been secretly teaching him different poisonous plants and how to use needles.'

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