A New Beginning

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Author: Forgive me for the late update! A lot of things have been happening but I'm back! Enjoy the story!

Atsuko's POV

When I regained conciousness, all i saw was white. I tried to sit up but I felt my back ache from the pain. "Where am I?" As I groan from the pain.

"You are in the hospital, Atsuko." An old voice came from besides me. I turned my head and saw the hokage. My eyes widen and troed to sit up properly when I felt something in my left hand. My eyes trailed my left hand and saw someone holding my hand, it was Naruto. "Atsu-chan... I want ram..en." I smiled as I heard my brother. I stopped moving, not wanting to disturb my brother. 'Even in his dreams, he's talking about ramen.'

"He's been waiting all day for you to wake up." My eyes snapped to the Hokage as he spoke. I looked at him warily as he smiled at me. I unconciously tighten my hold on my brother's hand, I stiffened as I heard a groan, "Atsu-chan, wha..?" My saw my brother waking up and rubbing his eyes from sleep. He looked at me, and I noticed some tears welling up from his eyes. "Atsuko! You're okay!" He smiled in relief as he jumped up and hugged me tightly. "I was so worried when jii-chan told me you were hurt!" Seeing my brother crying, makes my eyes water. And the next thing I know, I'm hugging my brother back tightly and crying. "Uwaa! I w-was so scared nii-san!"

Sandaime's POV

I was just signing a lot of paperwork in my office when I felt Dog intrudes my office. Not looking up, I asked, "Why are you in my office? Is there a problem, Dog?" "Hokage-sama, it's about the younger Uzumaki." My head snapped up to where Dog is standing, and noticed that there are some blood in his uniform. "What happened to him?" I stood up, dreading on what he would answer next. "I saw him getting beat up by some villagers." He said not looking up. "Where is he?" I tried to keep calm on this situation. "In the hospital, hokage-sama." I immediately went out to go to the hospital the moment I heard his answer. 'I'm sorry, Minato.. Kushina..'

3rd POV

In the hospital

The sandaime could be seen calmly walking inside the hospital, what they do not know is the hokage's panic he is feeling inside. Walking towards the receptionist, he noticed a blond boy arguing with the receptionist. "You are not allowed inside! Now scram you demon brat!" The female recetionist yelled at Naruto. "But the masked ninja, told me that Atsuko is here, 'tte bane!" Naruto glared at her as the woman looked at him with disgust. The hokage felt his anger as he went towards them and he asked, "What room is Uzumaki Atsuko located?" Not looking up, the receptionist yelled, "I said scram you demon brat! If you don't I will- H-hokage-sama!" The woman stood up and bowed. "Now, what's happening here?" "N-nothing is happening, hokage-sama. This child is just leaving the hospital." The Hokage didn't miss how the woman pointedly looked at Naruto. " That's not true! This old hag doesn't want to tell where Atsuko is!" Naruto pointed at the receptionist while looking up at the Hokage. "Come with me, Naruto. I'll take you there."

As they enter Atsuko's room, Naruto immediately went to his brother. The Sandaime felt his blood boil with anger when he saw all the injuries. He also felt anger to the to himself because he knows that he can't do anything to the villagers with the council behind his back.

Atsuko's POV

"Atsu-chan!" my brother called out to me happily. "Atsu-chan! The old man said he's giving us an apartment! And money! He also said we're going to the ninja academy! We will be ninjas! That's so cool, dattebayo!"

Surprised and confused on what he said, I thought of what the Hokage is offering us. Shelter and money will be provided to us, it will make our lives easier and we can buy food everyday. This could be an opportunity for us and it looks like my brother wants to become a ninja. And I could use the chance to learn about the village and protect my brother.

I smiled at my brother before looking at the hokage. I accepted on what he offered to my brother. And I fondly watched my brother jumped happily around the room as he talked about buying and eating ramen.

            --------this is a line break---------

I was ecstatic to finally have a place to live in. Now we have somewhere to sleep but I still avoid meeting anyone outside due to what happened. I was enranged to find out that the people that attacked me had not been imprisoned. I held little resentment against the people and the village because of this.

Anyways, brother managed to have friends. I'm happy for him but I can't help but feel lonely whenever he went out. I often visit the library to find out information about the village and maybe learn something about chakra. I learned that meditating can help improve my control and widen my chakra reserves. I tried sticking leaves on my body to practice but I found it hard because of my large chakra reserve. It turns out that being an Uzumaki means that I have a lot of chakra. So after a month or two, I continued practicing until I am able to stick several leaves on my forehead and arms. I've been meditating everyday, and I can feel my chakra improve. After improving my chakra, I, then started to exercise to improve physically. Jogging around the third training ground. And sometimes I see a green blur running around but I just avoid it. I've been doing it every single day so I could get strong

'I will protect you, Naruto. No one would hate us again.'

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