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Atsuko's POV

It has been months since I first met Itachi and Shisui and being with them are the happiest moments that I ever had since the incident. They have been training me and I can feel that my skills are improving. I can now throw the shuriken inside the target instead of missing it. Also, I know how to properly throw a punch and dodging things. It may not look like it, but Shisui takes being a teacher very seriously. I always end up black and blue at the very end of the day, but it is all worth it because he always buy me yummy delicious dangos everytime we go home. On another note, I only meet Itachi around twice a week. Maybe he's busy with his family or whatever. Oh yeah, speaking family, my brother sometimes forgets about me these days. He hangs out with Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji after class and sometimes gets in trouble with them, eat lunch with them. It makes me sad that he is starting to forget that I exist, only remembering when he needs something from me.

I became friends with Sasuke. Yes. The duck butt, Sasuke Uchiha. He is not that bad after you become friends with him. He is quite a cheerful little kid when he talks about his older brother. We eat lunch together under the big tree and I learned that he likes- no, loves tomatoes! Maybe I should try making spaghetti or pizza, i think he would like that. His brother always waits for him at the gate to go home, and Itachi sometimes treat us to some dangos after school. I am very happy that I now have friends, but it doesn't change the fact that the villagers hates me. I would always notice them glaring behind my back everytime I walk with the Uchihas, whispering. But I don't care, I love being with them.

But today is different. On my way to school, I could feel the sharp gaze of the people, ninjas and civillians alike. Because today is October 10, the day we were born and the day the Fourth and his wife died because of the Nine tailed fox. I was planning to hide in our house for the whole day but I don't want to miss any lessons at school. Unlike me, Naruto is really excited for his birthday. Not wanting to ruin his day, I cooked breakfast for him as a gift, since I don't have any money yet. He told me that he forgot that it was my birthday too and he is sorry for not having a gift. I already expected that so I said that it was fine. His gang walked past me and greeted him a happy birthday. I just sat next to Sasuke at the front row and I smiled as I heard him quietly mutter a greeting to me.

The time at the academy flew by very fast making me dread my way back home after school. I know that something is going to happen to me the moment I walk out of the academy alone, like last year. As the bell rung, I quickly packed up my things and said goodbye to Sasuke as I saw him exit the door. I noticed that Naruto is leaving with the gang so I was relieved that he will be safe as he is with a Nara, Akimichi, and Inuzuka. I was already sweating with fear as I went out the doors. I saw Sasuke waving his hand, calling for me with his brother Itachi. I quickly went to them and greeted Itachi. He invited me to eat dango with them and I accepted.

3rd POV

As they walked to the store, Sasuke was telling his day to his brother while Atsuko nervously looked around to see if someone is planning to attack him, not knowing that he is squeezing Itachi's hand. He didn't notice that Itachi looked at him with a worried eyes at he feel the child's trmbling hand on his own. When they arrived at the store, the light are off and Itachi opened the sliding door and Sasuke pushed Atsuko inside the dark dango shop. A minute later, the lights opened and everyone at the shop screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" After seconds of silence, everybody could hear a sob from a child.

Atsuko's POV

The moment I saw the dango shop with its lights off, I knew something would happen. When Itachi opened the sliding door, I felt hands push me from my back. I panicked as I stumbled inside the dark shop. 'Oh no, it's happening again' I felt beads of tears in the corner of my eyes as I crouched down and covered my head with my arms. Tears started to fall as I anticipate another beating. I didn't hear the joyful screams of happy birthday under my muttering, "Please d-don't... I'm sorry.." And then I felt hands lifting me and hugging me.

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