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astragomez me busy ignoring people trying to start rumours about me 🤡

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astragomez me busy ignoring people trying to start rumours about me 🤡

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usera ur not ignoring it by posting this ......

userb "rumours" but there's deadass proof u were with the vamps? don't play this rumours shit when we knoooow

userc i love you no matter what astra !!! i believe you ❤️
L astragomez love you baby thank you xx

ellamartinez dumbasses maaaan
ellamartinez ps i'm in love with u babyg
L astragomez 🧐 ! and i adore u xxx

xanxiety 😍
L userd u clown you're both cheating on eachother so ..... 🤡
L xanxiety you don't know shit lmaooooo

usere xan telling people they know nothing when he's the one ignorant to the fact his girl is hanging out with her ex and was seen leaving his flat LOOOOL
L xanxiety i know where she was. she's my girl of course i do. they're friends, ight?

bradleywillsimpson hope it ends soon, ast x
bradleywillsimpson for everyone's sake xx

userf why do i feel like brad isn't talking about the rumours if u catch my drift ;))))
L userg oh we been knew !!

astragomez bradleywillsimpson 😽❤️

sat watching awful cheesy movies, a week away from a level results day so in panic and getting ready to dye my hair cos .... breakdown ! so here's another chapter love u

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