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xanxiety hoes will be hoes ig❤️liked by tanamongeau, diplo and 170K others

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xanxiety hoes will be hoes ig
❤️liked by tanamongeau, diplo and 170K others

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usera what's astra done

ellamartinez u would know all about that, wouldn't you diego? you think you can play my girl, mess with her head and then crawl back crying "i love you" and when she finally gets sick of your ass u act like she's the one been playing you? naaaaahhh
L xanxiety u don't know shit. she's cheated on me
and broken up with me by text and u wanna
protect her? be my guest ma

userb ok so i'm a terrible person for this but like .... just excited knowing it's probs with brad so she's BACK WITH BRAD LADIES

userc cba u fool u fucked things up and are throwing ur toys out the pram when she finally got fed up and realised she could do better
L xanxiety i really fuckin loved her man

userd ngl diego did seem like he was trying to change, there's been no news articles and he's p much clean from drugs and she's gone and dropped him
L usere it's what bitches do ! pretend to be supportive and then leave when they're bored

tanamongeau text me 😜
L xanxiety fuck off tana

astragomez don't do this diego. you know i love you, you know i'd never hurt you like that. you mean the world to me and it hurts like a fucking bitch we've ended the way we have. but we're not right for eachother, not really, and i'd like to stay good regardless cos i don't wanna lose u d :( ❤️💔
L xanxiety idk. gimme space for a while b 💔

userf i really hope they can at least be friends
userf but i think they'd struggle to be just mates
userf but i ship her and brad so MUCH >:)))))

userg drama mannnnn

userh just let her be happy with brad. she deserves better than u lol
L bradleywillsimpson hey now i'm not gonna sit and blindly ignore the shit he's getting. she's not dumped him FOR me, they've just split. don't rub something in his face that shouldn't be rubbed in his face and don't tell him he's not good enough etc when you don't even know what happened. they loved eachother, sometimes things just don't work out.

useri brad out here defending xan WHO'D HAVE FUCKIN THOUGHT IT
L astragomez honestly mood

xanxiety bradleywillsimpson thank you bro, you're a good guy really. and for the record imma take this post down, sorry astragomez. no bad blood, promise


brad here to calm drama? mad
ahahahahah but there you go !! they're just gonna hardly interact i guess so brad + astra can THRIVE

—also been distracted by watching freaks and geeks for the billionth time (pls watch if u never have) n have just drafted a nick andopolis fic cos jason segel has my heart <3333

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