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direct message request from xanxiety

hey so imma need u to back up off my girl

like i said, i've not got any intentions of trying it on with astra
i respect you guys' relationship and i'm glad she's happy with you. i'm not here to try and steal her i know she's happy with you man

i hope you're not lying to me
because i swear to god if i find out you're trying to move in on her you're dead

please stop threatening me, diego
i'm not a threat to you honestly
she's in love with you, everyone can see it.
i cant believe we're even having this conversation

i know she is. just want to make sure everyone else knows too that's all
i have no problem wit you then, just keep in check okay?
my girl doesn't need everyone trying to ruin things

with all due respect, you have girls all over you too
but i totally get where you're coming from
just look after her. she's happy with you she wouldn't think about doing anything to hurt you

i know she wouldn't, she's good to me
and as for the girls on me thing, i know and i do consider it i swear i love her
i wouldn't wanna hurt her either
anyway, bruh just keep back a lil and i'll have no issue, okay?

she's a friend, though
but i respect your relationship so i'll stay backed off don't worry. i've gotta get to soundcheck but i'm glad you know i'm not out to do anything to mess with you guys. okay?

alright man
as long as she stays just a friend
was nice speaking to you
see u

writing this made me laugh sm ahahah

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