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astragomez try not to cry challenge failed immediately upon seeing the best doggo 🥰tagged bradleywillsimpson

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astragomez try not to cry challenge failed immediately upon seeing the best doggo 🥰
tagged bradleywillsimpson

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usera are we gonna talk about how this means she's at home if she's actually visiting brad
L userb no . talk about how she's VISITING BRAD

userc i'm literally crying LOOK AT HIM
userc i ship this so god damn hard

userd if she's met jesse does that mean she's met his whole family too?
L userc they used to date remember !!!!

jamesmcvey brad staring lovingly into her eyes
L bradleywillsimpson what can i say

bradleywillsimpson everyone's reaction to meeting her tbh babe
L userc BABE
L usere BABE
L usera BABE
L thevampstris BABE

thevampstris like i always say .... which is the dog

niallhoran so cute !
L astragomez what is niall horan doing here
L astragomez what the fuck
L astragomez ok sorry done cryin i love u + agree

bradleywillsimpson astra vs being a fangirl
L astragomez PISS OFF UGLY
L bradleywillsimpson 🤧😿

connorball u two are friendship goals
connorball stop taking the role of his best friend from us pls
L bradleywillsimpson there's plenty of brad to go
    around, honey😳

astragomez connorball love u sorry xxxxx

userf "best friend" lies they're defo shagging
L userg nah but they will be soon i bet

userh just trying to cover for them i bet
L usera i think so too honestly

ellamartinez imagine leaving me here when u get to go hang out with a mf DOGGO i'm so mad
L astragomez love u baby sorry xx

hello sorry been away with family !
here's this, this fic is becoming even shittier n idk how to stop that :( i'm sorry i love u !!

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