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soooo wyd when u get back? :)))
ps she's so gorgeous MY HEART

not sure really. no plans, the boys aren't around atm so probably just a night in
why'd you ask love?

i was gonna ask if we could facetime
that's all
but if you don't wanna that's okay!!

i don't think that's a good idea astra
and you know that
i'm scared to be even talking to you, honestly, given that your boyfriend seems to enjoy threatening me

:( it's okay, i get it
he means well i promise and i'm sorry
but we're friends, right? and diego's off out of town tonight. we're getting lunch rn and then he'll be off + i want the company of a friend (albeit via the phone)

you say we're friends but realistically astra we aren't
we haven't seen eachother in years and i don't know why you're so suddenly keen to talk to me like i'm important to you

okay ouch?
i'm trying to reach out to be friends properly again lol
u meant a lot to me before so inevitably i want to be closer again

are you sure you don't just wanna piss diego off? i miss you too but i can't pretend it doesn't make me anxious that he's lurking at every corner + i don't wanna be a pawn in some game because he's a dick to you

i can understand you thinking that, brad
and i'm really sorry this situation is crazy
i'll talk to diego but i'm sorry and i promise things are okay. besides, i think i may be flying to the uk this week :)

this week???? how come

well since diego's gonna be away and i'm not coming on this leg of the tour so i thought to save me getting bored and lonely ahhh !!

well that's lovely and i hope i bump into you then! as for facetime, gonna pass for tonight but it would be nice to facetime some time love
take care of yourself tonight gorgeous x

that's okay, i understand brad x
see you some time this week, hopefully❤️

eek astra c'mon

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