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astragomez wined n dined by my babylove

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astragomez wined n dined by my babylove

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ellamartinez my sexy lady
ellamartinez i literally am whipped for you
L astragomez I LOVE U BITCH XXX

xanxiety that's my girl 💔
L usera one of many lol
L userb shut up usera they're so cute!!!

xanxiety u look hot as fuck as usual ma💔
L astragomez love u baby ❤️💔

userc you're so HOT
userc also i'm lowkey sad cos you talk so... american now lol !! i found a video of you back when you'd just moved to la + still sounded like u were from birmingham HAHAHAH
L userd omg i just had a revelation

userd is it u bradleywillsimpson is talking about in that interview then? u moved to la to model soooo.....
L usera that's a reaaaaach man




useri oh my god y'all reaching
useri her and xan are so cute calm ur arses down, she's defo not brad fucking simpson's little childhood crush wtf

userj literally such a reach y'all try to link anyone to eachother nowadays

userk in today's news: xan is still a shitbag who's gonna fuck ast over again and brad simpson used to be her mf boyfriend MAD

astragomez wtfffffffff man
astragomez this shit is crazy

prewritten up to chap ten already lmao but gonna try and not upload too quick and often i promise!!! hope u all enjoy. xx

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